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    This question has been front-loaded by the endless lies of the current crop of compromised scientists controlled by the U.N. and its IPCC, whose real goal is global Marxism. Let’s get real and pull the rabbit out of the hat. Climate change can only be caused by a change in the Sun. If it changes its irradiation, the entire Earth will be affected, from the upper atmosphere to the surface. The U.N. scientists want you to believe that the components in the atmosphere can change the climate, which is true if we’re talking about cooling it, such as by kicking up dust with nukes, but never warming it, because only the Sun can do that. Once your get your mind right and see that, you’ll save yourself from an endless wild goose chase. The atmosphere is not a second Sun in the sky, it’s a chimney that removes heat deposited daily by the Sun and vents it harmlessly to space. Can you make a hot air balloon return to the ground without losing the hot air? Then there’s no power for CO2 to heat the surface where we live, rather it’s already cooled it by lifting some of its heat into the sky, where it goes on its trip to space. Let’s say that CO2 actually heats the atmosphere up high. Guess what: It can’t, because all gases naturally expand and cool as they rise, which is called the lapse rate. Eventually all water that evaporated will come back down, bringing that coolness with it as rain, hail, snow, etc., while cooling the atmosphere too. Never will it warm the surface and cause heat waves. The 1930s were known for severe heat waves, but atmospheric CO2 was low then, hence any new heat waves today having nothing to do with CO2, only the Sun. The record cold waves of recent years give the lie to CO2 having any power to warm the surface any time of the year. CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, and the other 96.96% can’t warm the surface any more than it can.

    The globalist Marxists of the IPCC octopus have long been trying to destroy capitalism, starting with its main engine the fossil fuel industry, and with them the end justifies the means. Despite their tawdry mendacious lies, there’s no need to fear CO2 emissions. Indeed, CO2 is great for the Earth, promising greening and more food for all. Every time you see U.N. Frankenscientists frame CO2 on being bad in any way, tell them to jump in the lake, you’re not buying it.

    RISING CO2 Levels Boost Agricultural Productivity, Human Health (

    Here’s my free essay laying out the proof that CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a scientific hoax based on false physics. One read and you should be free of the hoax forever. No, it won’t teach you everything worth knowing about climate science, but the framing of CO2 as a climate control knob will be devastated forever, and hopefully climate scientists will wake up and revamp their entire approach to take CO2 out of the loop, whether the IPCC likes it or not.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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