One thought on “Spreading Solar Energy Over Whole Earth is Pseudoscience (video)

  1. My reply:

    Duh, the surface area of the Earth is pi*r^2/4, but the Earth is not stationary, it spins. If it spun a million times faster, the sunlight would indeed average out over the entire surface area, but it spins way slower, taking 24 hours for one rotation. That means that the full Sun’s energy of 1370 W/m^2 illuminates the upper atmosphere and builds up on the surface, raising its temperature based on its heat capacity (K/J). If the Earth didn’t spin, the side facing the Sun would keep accumulating energy (Joules) and rising in surface temperature (K) until convection, radiation, and evaporation caused it to level off at some temperature, while the side facing away would slide towards absolute zero. How would Spencer “average” that? E pur si muove (But it does spin), to quote Galileo. Thus this averaging method that replaces the real spinning Earth with a flat stationary Earth illuminated with 1/4 of 1370 W/m^2 everywhere all the time is 5th grader science and should be disregarded along with the rest of the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax. Go ahead, break down and study my word salad disproving that hoax forever and bask in the sunshine of truth.

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