One thought on “Real Time Physics Debunks Climate Theory (video)

  1. My reply:

    Speaking of turkey, Spencer’s basic mistake is that he forgot about the T to the 4th power law P=T^4. If you quarter the power of the Sun, its effective temperature T doesn’t quarter with it.

    (P2/P1) = (1/4) => (T2/T1)^4 = 1/4 => T2 = T1*((1/4)^(1/4)) = T1*((0.25)^(1/4)) = T1*0.707. (Actually, T1/sqrt(2)).

    So, he’s cooling the Sun by 30%, and wondering why the Earth is so cool all of a sudden 🙂 Not that it matters how much visual wavelength power the Sun deposits on Earth’s surface, it is all taken away by the atmosphere to the infinite heat sink of space and never returns, and only the Sun creates climate. The reason that the surface isn’t as cold as the Moon is due to the great mass of the atmosphere, which substitutes conduction and convection for radiation, slowing down the cooling process and raising the average temperature.

    There’s no room there for a CO2 dragon in the sky, sorry, CO2 greenhouse warming theory is b.s. Read my essay when you have a spare week and join the winner’s circle that knows that CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a political hoax for the scientifically illiterate to bilk them of huge sums and foist world govt.

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