One thought on “On The Flat Earth Rants Of Joe Postma by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.


    My reply:

    So, you can cook a turkey at 350F (450K) for 4 hours, or -258F (112K) for 16 hours? 🙂 Just kidding, they’re talking about power not temperature.

    Speaking of Buterball turkey, Spencer’s basic mistake is that he forgot about the T to the 4th power law P=T^4. If you quarter the power of the Sun, which is a Planck Blackbody Radiator, its effective temperature T doesn’t quarter with it.

    (P2/P1) = 1/4 => (T2/T1)^4 = 1/4 => T2 = T1((1/4)^(1/4)) = T1(the fourth root of 1/4)= T1*0.707. (Actually, T1/sqrt(2)). For comparison, if you halve the power instead (1/2), you get .841.

    That flat earth trick turns the Sun into a different Planck radiator with a 30% lower temperature. No wonder it can’t warm the Earth hotter than the Ice Ages 🙂 Not only that, but a lower effective temperature skews the power curve towards longer wavelengths, meaning less visual wavelength energy, red butter on the Butterball. What a blunder all these so-called climate scientists have been making, showing their collective intelligence to not even be equal to one smart person. 🙂 If they even took 2nd year calculus they should know how to integrate instantaneous solar flux over the 3-D surface of the rotating Earth for 24 hours like a turkey on a rotisserie and calculate the total energy deposited on each point of the Earth’s upper atmosphere, then assume no clouds and use the heat capacity of water and rock/soil to find the max surface temperatures reached without any radiation, just for starters before adding conduction, convection and radiation. Since their turkey is flat as a pancake because they’re stuck at 5th grader math, I bet I’ll still be waiting 5 years from now for these PhD’s to finally pass 2nd year calculus 🙂

    Not that it matters how much visual wavelength power the Sun deposits on Earth’s surface per se, because it is all taken away by the atmosphere to the infinite heat sink of space and never returns, and only the Sun drives the climate system, not the miniscule fraction of CO2 in the atmosphere, which could double and not affect surface temperatures. The Earth’s climate control knob is the sun, no wonder they try to invent a dragon in the sky by turning its temperature knob down.

    CO2 is not capable of heating the Earth’s surface, only cooling it. A balloon filled with CO2 can be heated by an infrared lamp, and all it will do is rise towards space, taking the heat energy with it, i.e., cooling the surface. All the gases in the atmosphere cool as they rise via the lapse rate formula g/h (gravity divided by heat capacity), meaning that it’s brrr cold up in the sky, and if you can show me the patent for your ice cube-powered flamethrower I might listen to your b.s. about the hot hot atmosphere warming the surface. The reason that the surface isn’t as cold as the Moon despite getting the same sunlight is due to the great mass of the atmosphere, which substitutes conduction and convection for radiation, slowing down the cooling process and raising the average temperature, i.e., a capacitor not a battery. For the same reason you can stick an iron poker in a fire and turn the tip red while your handle stays cool, anything with mass takes time to conduct heat. This is the real greenhouse effect.

    Of course, the atmosphere is constantly redistributing all that surface heat on its way to space via winds, which with water added makes for unpredictable weather. But CO2 is not the magic climate control knob, sorry. The whole climate science outfit totally fails to understand that the Earth isn’t flat, which in this case means that Earth’s atmosphere isn’t a giant greenhouse it’s a giant chimney, hence the whole field needs revamped from the er, ground up, send me a billion and I’ll set up an academy to produce a brand new course like they did with BSCS biology 🙂

    In short, CO2 greenhouse warming theory is b.s., and an entire generation of so-called climate scientists should demand their tuition back. Dopes like Spencer are literally educated beyond their intelligence, look at all them diagrams full of T^4s. Instead, they can learn some real climate science from moi by reading my free online essay and join the winner’s circle that knows that CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a political hoax for the scientifically illiterate to bilk them of huge sums and foist world govt. And I’m being kind to say hoax, because they all just can’t be this dumb.

    Here’s my devastating essay that nobody can refute because it doesn’t treat the Earth as flat to push a hoax but tells the truth no matter whose income or ego it hurts.

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