One thought on “How much of an effect do we really have on global warming?

  1. My reply:

    The only global warming humans could cause would be short-lived, namely, a massive thermonuclear exchange, after which there wouldn’t be anybody left to talk about it. But the heat from the nukes would soon dissipate harmlessly to space, like happens every day with the Sun’s heat, and the climate would either stay the same or cool because of the dust kicked up, but never get warmer.

    Read my lips. Only the Sun provides heat to the Earth daily via its radiation, and the atmosphere acts as a filter and capacitor to cool the surface at a controlled rate. The CO2 component is just part of this cooling process. It can never reradiate heat to the surface and heat it up more than the Sun originally did. This basic misunderstanding drives the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax. If you’re sitting on top of a mountain and observing an avalanche below, it doesn’t cause you to get colder because you don’t live down there. Similarly, after CO2 removes some of the Sun’s heat from the surface where we live, what it does up in the sky where we don’t live can’t affect us.
    CO2 greenhouse warming hoaxers want you to believe a big lie about a mysterious dragon in the sky that they want you to pay them to slay, no results required and no refunds. Even worse, they don’t want you to know that all gases rise when they are heated, and that as they rise they automatically cool via the lapse rate formula g/h, where g is gravity and h is their heat capacity. Ever been in an open cockpit plane? It’s cold up there. The cold air up high can’t heat the Earth’s surface any more than a big block of ice on a kitchen table can heat the kitchen. The Earth’s atmosphere is a gigantic chimney not a greenhouse. CO2-driven “anthropogenic global warming” is a deliberate hoax pushed by the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC to foist world government, and not a scientific theory that holds water, sorry. Hopefully the public will wake up and tell them to stuff it.

    It’s sad but true that the IPCC has hijacked the world’s academic and scientific institutions and organizations along with their publications, foisting a closed-minded bigoted regime that only gives their side. It’s no different than what Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been doing to conservatives, namely, censoring their views and pretending that only their pet leftist views are on the table. The minority of courageous scientists who risk their careers to tell the truth to power are to be admired all the more, not shut out.

    Science’s Untold Scandal: Professional Societies’ Sell Out on Climate Change | PSI Intl (
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    Here’s my essay that’s waking people up to the truth that the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a scientific hoax for political purposes:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

    I also provide the most extensive, detailed, and powerful historyscope of Earth’s climate and climate science history, which the IPCC doesn’t want you to study because it puts their Marxist plot in historical context and shows that there’s more sides than just theirs.

    TLW’s Climatescope One Year Anniversary | PSI Intl (

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