One thought on “How do you convince climate change deniers that it is not a conspiracy?

  1. My reply:

    This kind of question is a ringer, sorry. Before you ask people this, you should look in the mirror. The side that pushes CO2-driven anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is run by a gigantic open conspiracy centered in the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC and its global octopus of compromised politicians, scientists, academics, and journalists. For them to deny there is a conspiracy is like wanting us to deny that the Sun rises and sets. It’s an all-out war for world govt., and truth has long ago been chucked in the garbage because for them the end justifies the means and it’s all about control. They even got Big Oil to sell out to them in return for a piece of the renewable energy pie.
    Big Oil Goes Big Green (
    Too bad for them, basic science pulls the rug under the feet of their CO2 greenhouse warming theory, and all they can do is close their minds and try to close their dupes’ minds by playing the name shame game while working to suppress them with every underhanded trick. Too bad for them, it’s not working as good as they want, and the truth is out there. In the end, it’s the AGW proponents who are proving to be the true closed-minded bigots.’

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