One thought on “How can I educate people who don’t know the facts about climate change?

  1. My reply:

    Is this a look-in-the-mirror question? To educate others, you first have to learn and ascertain the facts about climate change yourself. Unfortunately, the issue is deeply split between two camps with diametrically opposed views. So where do you begin? There are thousands of books and hundreds of blogs spewing millions of words on the subject, if you have a hundred lifetimes to absorb it all, but I’m getting blue in the face shouting about my free Climatescope, which lays out the entire history of Earth’s climate and climate science history in a streamlined format, backed by hyperlinks to check facts and go deeper, including YouTube links. It’s an encyclopedic online course and reference that is daunting at first glance, but it should soon sink in that it shows you how ignorant you are about the subject just by laying out all the facts and challenging you to master them, a task that will take thousands of hours of hard study and thinking and can’t be faked. Maybe by the time you’re done you’ve solidified your initial views, more likely you’ve modified them, but now they’re backed by facts. Anybody want to take a dare? Warning: it presents all sides equally, guaranteeing that it will offend you if you can’t stay open-minded.

    TLW’s Climatescope™, by T.L. Winslow (TLW), “The Historyscoper”™ (

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