One thought on “Why do climate change denialists think a massive change in the composition of gases in the atmosphere (CO2 up from 280ppm to 410) does not lead to a massive change in the climate?

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    An increase from 280 ppm to 410 ppm is not a “massive change of composition of gases in the atmosphere”, it’s almost imperceptible without sensitive instruments in isolated locations. 400 ppm is 0.04%, or 4 parts per ten thousand. Imagine a soccer match with ten thousand in the stands, and try to find four people in that mess. In short, CO2 is a trace element of the atmosphere, and maybe you smell a rat that you’ve been lied to.

    Despite what so-called climate scientists that have been compromised by the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC claim, atmospheric CO2 has no effect on the climate, because the Sun drives the climate, and the entire atmosphere just follows along, removing the solar heat from Earth’s surface and venting it to space daily, but at a certain rate that moderates the temperature swings. This is a cooling not a heating process, sorry. Once heat is removed from the surface, it never returns. It might be interesting to certain specialists with no lives to follow the journey of the heat into space, but once it’s left the surface it can’t heat us in any way, it’s gone on a 1-way journey, just like a rock you roll down a mountain while you stand on the top.

    This hasn’t stopped Marxists with designs on a world govt. from blowing the issue out of proportion with lewd-sounding claims that the evil capitalist system is pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and causing the Earth to heat up to the point of Armageddon, hence must be shut down to save us. Sorry, even if CO2 were 10% of the atmosphere, that is, half the oxygen content, we might choke but won’t overheat. Moose hockey about acidity of the oceans is just special pleading after the main argument is seen through. The only threat to humanity here is what the Marxists want to do to the world in their mad attempt to destroy capitalism, no matter whom it hurts.

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    I’ve been proving that the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is based on fake physics with an ulterior purpose for anybody who will take a dare. How about you?

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