One thought on “Why are we not switching to renewable energy when that can solve the problem of global warming. I know it’s not cost effective yet, but isn’t the life on Earth more important than some currency?

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but a complete transition to renewables would throw the world back to the horse-and-buggy days, and result in mass starvation and death for the huddled and isolated masses. It would rob Africa of its only hope to join the modern world. Solar and wind power depend on sunlight, which is intermittent and iffy, sometimes almost non-existent, and batteries can’t store enough electricity to get over the lulls, as if it could be distributed. It’s only nuclear power that promises a golden future for humanity and the only real change to phase-out petroleum, yet the insidious globalist Marxist Green Movement based in the U.N. IPCC won’t even talk about nuclear power since they never wanted to help anybody, only hurt capitalism and watch the world burn so they can create their unworkable Marxist utopia on the ashes.

    So don’t listen to them, listen to impartial voices not under their money and control. And that doesn’t even mean Big Oil, since they long ago dumped climate skeptics to make a deal for their piece of the renewable energy pie, and can’t be trusted either. The trillions now being demanded by the IPCC and its octopus would bankrupt the world and leave the climate crisis unchanged, when if it were used to develop enough nuclear plants, the energy problem could be solved forever, since the climate crisis never existed and is only a hoax they push to get their hands on the green.

    Fortunately, there’s many independent voices telling the truth to power. Here’s a sample to lift the fog and make you better able to fight the IPCC octopus and its lies:

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