One thought on “We have both climate change fear mongers as well as denialists. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. What is it?

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    Sorry, but truth isn’t like a golf shot that missed the cup. It doesn’t necessarily lie somewhere in the “middle”, because there may be no middle. Sometimes one side is just plain wrong. Are you confusing reality with Hegelian-Marxist dialectic, a bunch of moose hockey?
    Dialectic – Wikipedia (
    When it comes to the climate change issue, the truth is that CO2-driven “greenhouse warming” has always been a pure scientific hoax, because the science has been settled for 150 years that CO2 in the atmosphere may capture some heat from Earth’s surface that was originally deposited by the Sun, but it can’t send it back, only help the rest of the atmosphere take it to space. If you’re standing on top of a mountain and kick a stone, it will roll downhill and might cause an avalanche, but up where you’re at you’re safe. Why? The gradient of gravity.
    The Earth’s atmosphere works the same way, only upside-down. Any heat on the surface heats the air via a number of processes, causing it to rise and eventually expend its energy harmlessly in the infinite heat sink of space. Hence, the atmosphere protects us from global warming, and only a hotter Sun can cause that, not the trace amount of CO2 in it. The Earth’s atmosphere is a giant chimney, not greenhouse. Actually, NASA is predicting a cooler Sun in the future, and that will cool the climate, and CO2 can’t stop it.
    NASA Predicts Next Solar Cycle will be Lowest in 200 Years (Dalton Minimum Levels) + the Implications – Electroverse (
    Since scientists knew that CO2 didn’t control climate from way back, the institutionalized and government ones have long been deliberately hoaxing the scientifically illiterate populace for political-economic reasons, and their days are numbered. Actually, scientists way back 150 years ago deserve a bone. They may actually have been confusing the Earth’s atmosphere with a real greenhouse such as a closed car in the sun, where the heat coming in through the windows is trapped by glass, driving the interior temperature up 30F-40F, but the Earth has no glass in the sky, and doesn’t trap hot air but just conducts it to space, achieving a perfect balance 24/7/365.
    How hot can the interior of a car get – and how quickly? (
    Too bad, when global Marxism and the U.N. came along, and regular measurements of atmospheric CO2 showed a year-by-year rise, it began hijacking scientific orgs. along with politicians and media to frame CO2 as something evil in itself, at first to help them destroy the fossil fuel industry after it cleaned up its other emissions, and now to destroy capitalism itself. CO2 is a clean clear odorless gas that’s essential for all life on Earth. More doesn’t mean something bad because plants will love it, greening the Earth and feeding the teeming billions.
    Debunked: CO2 Will Not Cause A Food Shortage (
    Media Attacks. CFACT Rebuts. Media Retreats. (
    The U.N.’s IPCC doesn’t care about science, or about increasing the global population, only about power and foisting world govt. Like all Marxists, they will let the world burn and billions perish if they can erect a Marxist utopia on the ashes. Don’t let them capture your brain in a glass cage by claiming they have science on their side. If you think that Marxism should rule the world and that the end justifies the means, go for it, but if you’re wiser than that and don’t want to join the vast graveyards left by past Marxists, use your head now and don’t become their useful idiot.
    DR TIM BALL MUST READ : Environmentalism – Evidence Suggests It Was Always And Only About Achieving World Government ( Tricks Climate Alarmists Play (
    Growing Evidence Of Wind Farms’ Horrific Toll On Wildlife: This Time From India (
    The Mechanics of Climate Alarm (
    Think you know physics? I can prove that the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax with ulterior motives to anybody who has an open mind. Read my essay and take the glass ceiling off your brain. You can bet that the IPCC octopus doesn’t want you to read it because they don’t want you to have an open mind and do want your bank account and healthy wealthy happy lifestyle with it.
    Back To The Dark Ages: German Greens Look To Ban All Industrial Farming – The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) (
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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