One thought on “Where is the evidence that seems to persuade people that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not causing global heating?

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    The CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a gigantic scientific hoax with ulterior purposes. It originated back in the 19th century when understanding of thermodynamics was still primitive and atmospheric CO2 levels were low, and as it was about extinct it was picked up and propagated by the globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC as part of a vast plot to foist world government. It’s always the same con game pushed on a scientifically-illiterate public, namely, that a glass tube of CO2 in the lab that’s illuminated by infrared gets hotter. This ignores the blatant fact that CO2 in the atmosphere isn’t enclosed in glass, and when it warms it begins rising toward space via convection, taking the heat with it while the surrounding oxygen and nitrogen molecules absorb and spread it. In other words, CO2 helps cool the Earth’s surface by removing the heat deposited daily by the Sun. That’s a long jump from being able to send the heat back to the surface in as useful a form as the Sun originally did, which is impossible because the iron laws of thermodynamics prohibit a cooler body from heating a warmer body, and require entropy to increase. But didn’t I just say that infrared heated the CO2? Yes, but as it rises there’s something called lapse rate that automatically causes the gas to expend its heat and cool with height. By the time it’s gone very high, there’s no heat left to send back down. Try riding in an open cockpit airplane without a heavy jacket and muffler. What a ridiculous hoax.

    Lapse rate – Wikipedia (
    Convection – Wikipedia (

    The hoaxers knew this, so they invented an imaginary physical process of pure radiation with Byzantine mathematical equations that scientific novices can’t challenge, claiming that CO2 shines IR back down to the surface like a dragon in the sky. That this is a hoax is easily seen from the very lab experiment that showed a tube of CO2 heating up when IR was shined on it. If it could send the IR back via pure radiation, then the tube would never heat up, rather, a nearby tank of water would heat up while the tube remained cool.
    Thus, the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is pure moose hockey, and only the IPCC global octopus of compromised govt.-funded scientists, academics, and media keep perpetuating it because it’s their ticket to trillions if they can put it over on the general public. It’s really a great con since they never have to produce any real results of cooling the climate, and don’t have to refund the money, plus there are many signs that the climate is going to cool on its own because of sunspot cycles. And if they get their way, capitalism will be destroyed and a Marxist utopia built on the ashes.

    In reality, CO2 is pure good, a clean green odorless gas that’s the basis of all plant and animal life, and more CO2 would be good not bad. Meanwhile the IPCC octopus has been engaged in a mighty effort of suppression of the truth, closing academic journals and mainstream media to so-called climate change deniers, while villifying them with superficial ad hominem moose hockey suitable only for loose thinkers, making the few lone voices out there speaking truth to power hard to find. (
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