One thought on “James Hansen, Ph.D. – The Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity – Offstage (video)

  1. My reply:

    ​ Richard Beaumont
    I got a degree in electrical engineering and computers 43 years ago, with 300 credit hours including all kinds of courses on math, physics, chemistry, and other subjects, enough for several masters degrees that I didn’t apply for. I got the broadest background in history, and have been building on it ever since, always studying and growing to become the mental giant I am today 🙂 That’s why I have single-handedly slain the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax. There’s nothing wrong with me or my disproof, it’s about you and your failure to fully understand it. Cases in point:

    The IR from the surface would have been transmitted directly to outer space without impedance? I guess IR is like visual energy and just cuts through the atmosphere, or is like the Moon. It’s being generated by a surface heated by visual energy, putting the SB Law into operation there, butthe atmosphere is in direct contact with it and absorbs the lion’s share of its heat via conduction, then starts it on its journey to space via convection not radiation. If the 0.04% trace amount of CO2 also absorbs some IR via radiation, it is trapped in the 99.96% of non-CO2 molecules, which suck or diffuse its heat energy and add it to the parade. Either way the CO2 blows along with the other gases because entropy keeps it well mixed. The Greenhouse Warming Theory has always been based on a hoax that CO2 acts like glass in a greenhouse. Sorry, no glass no greenhouse. And the SB Law only applies to solid surfaces like the Sun’s and the Earth’s, not air.

    You say that as the balloon rises it cools via the lapse rate, but sorry, you must have been sick the day they taught that in 5th grade. The cooling is based on pure adiabatic expansion, not radiation. The formula is g/h, where g is gravity and h is heat capacity, i.e., the gases rise because they are lighter then as the pressure decreases they try to expand too, trading heat for work, riding on top of the lower layers in a continuum. The SB Law is not applicable. The very reason there is an atmosphere way up miles high instead of it all freezing and falling to the ground is the magnificent heating of the surface by the Sun and cooling of the surface by the atmosphere. CO2 has no power to interfere with this and upset the balance.

    As to satellites, they can only measure what radiation falls on them, but by then there’s little heat left, and the air ultimately releases its energy via radiation as the atmosphere runs out, so what? Satellites can’t “read” the surface temperature through all that atmosphere, we have thermometers down here.

    The word equilibrium is another hoax. The atmosphere isn’t a reversible system in equilibrium, it’s a power-driven dynamic system that’s never in equilibrium, and treating the whole system as thermal equilibrium that must be forced into a stable equilibrium curve is moose hockey. The Earth always rids itself of the Sun’s energy dynamically using the atmosphere as a gigantic chimney, but the CO2 hoax is to keep confusing the Earth’s surface temperatures which are only caused by the Sun with a fake dragon in the sky that can rewarm the surface with its own heat, which is pure bunk, making Hansen’s entire career a case of a poor physics student run amok. No matter what the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere may be, it is just helping the process of cooling the surface, and because the lapse rate robs most of the heat what happens to it up in the sky is only of interest to academics, just like what happens below an avalanche doesn’t affect birds sitting on the mountaintop.

    Do you have any real criticisms of my killer essay? If not, try telling Hansen to refute it or give it up.

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