One thought on “How does excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lead to climatic change?

  1. My reply:

    It can’t. CO2 greenhouse warming is a scientific hoax with ulterior motives, promoted by the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC backed by James Hansen and his org. NASA.
    The original idea that CO2 makes the Earth’s atmosphere into a greenhouse was always moose hockey, because it’s glass that traps heat, and CO2 isn’t glass. No glass no greenhouse, end of story. The Sun is a Planck radiator at 5,800 K. The visual component cuts through the atmosphere almost untouched, heating the Earth’s surface, which reaches maybe 120F = 322K. It then becomes a Planck radiator, radiating its energy back to space in the invisible IR wavelength range at a rate determined by its temperature, and at a wavelength profile determined by the Stefan-Boltzmann T^4 Law.

    Without no atmosphere on Earth, the SB Law would rule surface temperatures via pure radiation, but the gigantic atmosphere intervenes and absorbs a large proportion of the heat energy directly at the surface via conduction, then slowly rises it to space via convection, moderating the surface temperature swings, just like an iron bar stuck in the fire that stays cool at the handle end, or like a capacitor in an electrical circuit. CO2 has no special power to interfere with this. Instead, it’s a tiny part of it.

    The rest of the modern modified CO2 greenhouse warming theory is moose hockey, because it is based on a series of hoaxes about radiation alone running the show, but not the radiation emitted by the only solid surfaces involved, namely, the surfaces of the Sun and Earth, rather imaginary surfaces in the sky where the SB Law doesn’t apply. They even try to er, snow you with fancy talk about Earth’s thermal equilibrium, as if the sky can tell the surface what to do, when the SB Law is purely local, based on the local temperature at the time, and doesn’t care about the environment because it helps make it, not vice-versa. In short, the Greenhouse warming theory is a hoax not worthy of any credit, despite the gigantic IPCC colossus and its kept scientists, academics, and journalists, hence any climate change scenarios built on it are like, you guessed it, castles in the air.

    Real climate change is caused by changes in the Sun. On Earth we’re powerless to control climate, except in a negative sense by cooling it via nuclear winter, tree cutting et al. In fact, without the wonderful fossil fuel industry we’d be helpless. to survive extreme temperatures. The entire empire being built by the IPCC is a sick attempt at global govt., and can’t do anything for the climate, but it can make the world into a socialist hellhole like Venezuela.

    Climate alarmists aren’t trying to save the planet, they want communism in America (
    DR TIM BALL MUST READ : Environmentalism – Evidence Suggests It Was Always And Only About Achieving World Government (

    My complete devastating unanswerable disproof of the CO2 greenhouse warming theory, still waiting for Hansen to admit defeat and give it up:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (​

    James Hansen, Ph.D. – The Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity – Offstage (

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