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    Global warming or climate change? This nomenclature mix-up is stupid, because everybody knows that climate changes naturally, with or without CO2, but only the U.N. IPCC juggernaut claims that CO2 causes global warming, and never claims cooling, so to accept a switch to climate change looks like a win for us CO2-driven global warming skeptics.

    Why can’t you put a big block of ice on your kitchen table to heat the kitchen in the winter? Because unless it’s warmer than the surrounding air, all Planck T^4 radiation shuts off and the ice will begin absorbing heat from the air, eventually melting. Yes, if you put the block of ice in a meat locker at -10C, the 0C ice will actually heat the air a little to equalize its temperature at some intermediate value, by emitting Planck radiation. If you plunge a long-stemmed rose in a vat of liquid nitrogen it will vigorously boil as the Planck radiation is released until the temperatures equalize, after which you can pull it out and shatter it on the table.

    That’s why the claim that atmospheric CO2 absorbs far infrared (15 microns) from the surface and traps the heat from leaving to space is moose hockey, as is the bigger lie that it reemits it and rewarms the surface. If the CO2 in the sky is surrounded by air that’s the same temperature or cooler, it will emit Planck radiation to equalize the temperature, but never send energy all the way to the surface, which is probably warmer anyway, because sky air is cold, a consequence of the lapse rate. Therefore there can be no CO2-driven global warming, and only the Sun can do that, after which the entire atmosphere cools the surface during the night to reset for the coming sunrise by a combination of radiation and convection. This is why climate has always been stable until the Sun changes or something happens to blockl it such as volcanic dust and ash, and CO2 doesn’t do diddly squat.

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