One thought on “If climate change is a hoax, why do so many scientists say it’s happening?

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    Almost if not all of the scientists who promote the CO2 AGW theory including at the U.S. agencies NASA and NOAA are owned by the U.N. and its IPCC colossus, which was founded by Canadian environmentalist Marxist Maurice Strong specifically to foist Marxist world govt. using the environment as the excuse. The NASA climate outfit was founded by James Hansen, a friend of Strong and Al Gore, who famously spooked Congress in 1988 with claims of a coming climate apocalypse despite almost no evidence, and set the issue on fire with the general public.

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    The IPCC controls lifetime salaries, and has had decades to hone its act, and while the basic physics has always been against the theory, they try to steer you away from that with mountains of tampered temperature data and graphs that try to match the rise in atmospheric CO2 with an alleged rise in global avg. temps, although a few smart skeptics question if there is such a thing as a global temperature, and even NASA only claims 0.8C total rise since 1880, which is greater, er, less than the uncertainty in the data. Their real con game is to play Svengali and pretend to predict catastrophic temperature rises by 2100.

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    The colossus has long gained a stranglehold on academia and academic journals, no different than what Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia are doing now, shutting down any real debate on the issue and flooding the public space with pro-CO2 AGW material that’s often peer-reviewed by their buddy club and isn’t really. Meanwhile hordes of Communist agitprop artists are busy flooding Quora and other of the remaining free forums with pro-CO2 AGW agitprop under control of their handlers, making it hard for the few independent minds like mine to gain an audience.

    But the truth is out there if you systematically ignore the IPCC colossus and search for independent voices, which include many scientists who have spent decades searching for the truth and totally dispute the IPCC line.

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