One thought on “Do we have conclusive evidence that humans are the root cause of climate change?

  1. My reply:

    No, and nobody does or can. Sorry, humans can only cool the climate via dust clouds raised by nukes, etc., and I haven’t heard about any global thermonuclear wars recently. Only the Sun can warm the climate, not CO2 like you’re probably thinking. CO2 doesn’t “pile heat” in the atmosphere then mysteriously send it back down to the surface to cause global warming. It does nothing except feed plant life and keep all life going.

    Want proof? Believers in CO2 greenhouse warming are fond of quoting lab experiments where a closed tube of pure CO2 is exposed to IR and warms up. They don’t mention that atmospheric CO2 is only 0.04% of the total, and that if plain air heats up and the top of the tube is removed, it will float up towards space, taking its heat with it and thus cooling Earth’s surface. What they never demonstrate in a lab is so-called back radiation, a mythical unicorn of fake physics where CO2 sends heat back down the surface via mysterious ray beams caused by dipoles and energy level transitions. Too bad, here’s a recent lab experiment where a bare electric lamp filament was placed in a bath of pure CO2, and it only dimmed, showing back radiation to be a hoax. That’s right, CO2 is just like all the other atmospheric gases, cooling the Earth’s surface, never rewarming it. If back radiation were real, a tube of pure CO2 would never heat up, but heat a cement block placed 10 yards underneath.

    Another Experiment Proving CO2 is Innocent of Climate Change | PSI Intl (

    The so-called CO2 greenhouse warming effect started off as a mistake almost 200 years ago, and since 1988 has been deliberately twisted around like a pretzel by the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC and its octopus of kept scientists to foist their master plan for world govt. and all its evils.

    DR TIM BALL MUST READ : Environmentalism – Evidence Suggests It Was Always And Only About Achieving World Government (

    Basic physics disproves the CO2 greenhouse warming theory, but the IPCC zombies like all Marxists believe that the end justifies the means, so they just don’t care. They usually ignore that issue completely, and throw tampered temperature data at you to shut you up, relying on a horde of climate alarmist hoaxers to regale you with tales of storms, fires, droughts, and wildlife difficulties. Don’t fall for it. Every lie has a kaching of a cash register in the background. If you have a grounding in physics learn from me how to disprove the hoax and help liberate your friends.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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