Blizzards have hit parts of Australia. Is this another sign of global warming?

My reply:

The government of Australia has been infiltrated bigtime by the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC to push for world government under the guise of fighting pesky trace (0.04%) atmospheric CO2 and its horrible and questionable global warming. Too bad, many times there’s more evidence of global cooling than global warming, which doesn’t stop the hoaxers from piling lie on top of lie to keep the cash registers ringing, so yes, they won’t hesitate to stoop to claiming that blizzards are proof of CO2-caused global warming, as if the CO2 all froze and fell to the ground.
The IPCC octopus of closed-minded bigoted kept scientists, academics, and journalists also loves to tamper with historical temperature data to literally create global warming out of thin air. Lucky for them, the people of Australia aren’t buying it completely yet. Don’t you fall for it. CO2 physically has no power to warm the Earth’s atmosphere or surface, it’s fake physics, a gigantic hoax with ulterior motives.

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