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    My favorite climate change skepticism Web site is Principia Scientifica, er, Principia Scientific, an old-time eclectic science site with a free forum welcome to all the scientists shut out by the closed-minded bigoted academic establishment. Unlike the academic journals, it has a free comments section where anybody can take on anybody, how refreshing. No matter how much the pro-AGW sites slam it as not being “peer-reviewed”, its free forum shows its honest intentions, and no need to mention, the pro-AGW agitprop artists are scarce to almost non-existent there. It’s like a return to the heady days of Galileo and the Roman Catholic Church, doing the only real work in climate science today. I never miss an issue.

    Science’s Untold Scandal: Professional Societies’ Sell Out on Climate Change | PSI Intl (

    Vilifying People Who Question Global Warming Is Anti-Science | PSI Intl (

    The climate skeptic site Popular has a great series of articles exposing the main pro-AGW “climate skeptic debunking” sites for their tawdry agitprop. Even if you think you’re pro-AGW, check this out before reading a “debunking” site so you won’t be fooled.

    Popular (

    There’s so many climate change skepticism sites that I compiled a list, along with a list of pro-AGW sites, so you can explore them and decide what you like. It’s free, so why not devote some time to checking them out? Of course all the pro-AGW sites are run by closed-minded bigots who don’t want you to know about this list or check any climate skeptic sites out, so why let them tell you what to think, you’re still free?

    TLW’s Climate Blog List (

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