One thought on “What makes global warming different from other apocalyptic predictions that turned out to be false (such as Y2K and global cooling)?

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    The Y2K scare was based on the utterly dumb level of programming art back in the 1970s-90s that thought of computer memory as dear and every byte to be saved, thus they kept the date only as two decimal digits, e.g., 75 instead of four, i.e., 1975. Beginning programming manuals all seemed to teach this trick. Too bad, the U.S. govt, full of even dumber managers purchased vast software systems that it fielded for decades, long after the original programmers disappeared, and when the 1990s rolled around somebody noticed that when the year 2000 rolls around those 2-digit dates will rollover from 99 to 00, perhaps causing catastrophic failure of their systems when two dates are subtracted, e.g., letting all prisoners out of their cells because they served 100 years of their sentences, or worse, causing two airliners to crash in the sky because they were supposed to be nowhere near each other, or even worse, causing the fail-safe on nuclear missile silos to go off after thinking they received no signals for 100 years. By the time the problem was discovered, the Millennium Bug was 100 times more expensive to fix, what a boondoggle for programmers, imagine all the padded overtime, but there was no Y2K apocalypse, so it’s all water under the bridge now. The blindness was compounded by evangelic Christians who preached the end of the world in 2000. If they had thought ahead, every programming org. should have had a Y2K Compliance Office that issued Y2K Compliance Certificates for every software project slated to be used on or after the year 2000.

    Year 2000 problem – Wikipedia (

    Global cooling was big in the news in the 1970s, with scientists predicting a coming ice age, although peer-reviewed global cooling articles were almost non-existent, ditto for global warming. Instead it was about ozone and acid rain.

    “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on it’s way…within a lifetime…” (
    In 1988 atmospheric (mainly Venus) scientist James Hansen, in cahoots with politician Al Gore and Canadian Marxist U.N. honcho Maurice Strong gave a speech to Congress that spooked them about a coming global warming apocalypse caused by the fossil fuel industry (really capitalism itself), and a gigantic complex of scientific orgs., scientists, academics, and journalists was born called the U.N. IPCC that began sucking millions and billions with the goal of foisting the scare on the world with visions of a Marxist world govt. dancing in their heads, finally dethroning the white supremacist U.S. and achieving global racial and social justice. The U.S. Congress resisted it, but the U.N. octopus of world govts. full of haters of the U.S. pushed it along anyway, capturing the U.S. leftists and eventually the whole Democratic Party in a perfect storm, with Big Oil thoroughly demonized along with capitalism itself, using their very attempt to protect themselves as proof of guilt.

    James Hansen – Wikipedia (
    Al Gore – Wikipedia (
    Maurice Strong – Wikipedia (
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – Wikipedia (

    Too bad for them, most people in the U.S. still don’t buy the scare, which doesn’t keep them from continuing to try. At least they scared Big Oil into making a deal for a piece of the renewable energy pie, taking them out of the scientific fight, although they still fund lobbyists, leaving it to the blogsphere to take up the torch and spread the truth that CO2 is good not bad, and Marxism is bad not good. Despite most scientists needing to go along to keep their paychecks, more and more brave independent and retired scientists are coming out with the truth that the CO2 AGW theory is a hoax with ulterior motives.

    “The AGW climate scare of the last 30 years did not come to the forefront from individual scientists beginning to coalesce around the idea that rising levels of CO2 might pose a serious future climate threat to society. This threat was, by contrast, imposed upon the world from ‘above’ by the coming together of globally influential politicians, environmentalists, internationalists, etc. who knew little about climate but saw great political opportunities by using the rising CO2 levels as a scare tactic in order to exercise control over them. People respond best out of fear. But lasting response to fear must have a firm basis in truth. The AGW scare does not.” – Colo. State U. atmospheric scientist William M. Gray (1929–2006) The Physical Flaws of the Global Warming Theory and Deep Ocean Circulation Changes as the Primary Climate Driver (

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