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    How would a global warming apocalypse unfold? I think I saw that in an old Twilight Zone episode.

    Too bad, the Twilight Zone episode shows the Sun getting hotter to cause global warming, and CO2 having nothing to do with it. Never fear, a real global warming apocalypse caused by CO2 won’t happen, because atmospheric CO2 can only help cool the Earth’s surface each day, not rewarm it, while actually working for us by greening the planet and creating more food and oxygen to feed a growing population while fossil fuels and nuclear power provide us with our comfortable Western capitalist lifestyles. Only in the last few decades has the U.S.-hating globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC octopus fronted by Dem. politician Al Gore and NASA Langley scientist James Hansen been pushing the CO2 AGW hoax in order to foist Marxist world govt. and finally achieve their idea of racial and social justice on the backs of herds of useful idiots. It’s an open and gigantic global conspiracy that has made vast inroads at the highest levels, so of course there is a concentrated effort by their kept horde of scientists, academics, and journalists to call you crazy for suggesting that there is one, or to deflect with spurious claims of a conspiracy by private corporations to spread disinformation and keep their false truth from winning it all, the old story of the perp blaming the victims.

    TL Winslow’s answer to If climate change is a hoax, why do so many scientists say it’s happening? (

    A hoax? You betchya. The CO2 AGW scientific hoax begins with the claim that the Sun alone can’t keep the Earth from freezing, and that atmospheric CO2 provides the extra warmth that keeps us cozy, but it just happens to be on the verge of a runaway tipping point that only they can save us from by shutting down the fossil fuel industry, without actually demonstrating the tipping point’s existence or offering a money-back guarantee. They frame the Sun on being too cool by reducing its power to one-fourth and spreading its sunshine over the entire Earth’s surface in the biggest scientific fraud in history, which we know is deliberate and filled with ulterior motives because scientists confronted with it refuse to change while getting more open all the time about the ultimate goal of eliminating not just fossil fuels and nuclear power but capitalism itself, and helping it along by pushing the fraud of renewable energy which promises mass freezing and starvation not comfort and happiness.

    Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise (

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    Only the Sun really creates Earth’s climate, not its atmosphere, period. Only if the Sun dramatically increased its output would there be real global warming. However, the Sun can also easily dramatically decrease its output during a Grand Solar Minimum, or quit blocking cosmic rays causing cloud cover to increase, bringing a new ice age. Humans can do nothing to warm the climate, only cool it, such as via nuclear war. Sorry, nothing humans, cows, or anything else on Earth can do can turn the Earth into a Hawaii-like paradise, even if they paint it as a Hell. The only apocalypse the Earth’s future faces is the IPCC itself and the evil it is planning to do with the ultimate goal of Malthusian reduction of Earth’s population so that the elite can enjoy their version of paradise on our ashes.

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