One thought on “How is global warming affecting Greenland’s glaciers?

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, there is no real global warming. It’s a hoax perpetrated by the octopus of caged hen scientists, academics, and journalists under control of the globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC. As usual, reality is twisted to fit their narrative so they can pretend to be our knight in shining armor by grabbing power to save us.

    [[The enviro-socialist “climate emergency” crowd was busy earlier this month trying to launch the human equivalent of a cattle stampede by getting people to plunge into socialism to avoid bad weather.

    There were headlines such as “Greenland is on track to lose most ice on record this year and has already shed 250 billion tons (”
    It turns out that this amount of water is equal to slightly more than 60 cubic miles ( The total volume of water in the world’s oceans is approximately 320 million cubic miles (

    If we divide the 60 cubic miles of water added by the ice melt in Greenland by the *320 million* cubic miles of water already in the oceans, the result is 0.0000001875. This is the relative increase in the volume of water in the oceans.

    The absolute increase is the relative increase times the pre-existing average depth of the oceans, which is approximately 12,100 feet (idem), or equivalently, in terms of inches, 145,200 inches. The results of these multiplications are .0023 feet and .027 inches. That’s 23 ten-thousandths of a foot and 27 one-thousandths of an inch.

    To put these numbers in proper perspective, recall that a quarter of an inch is 250 one-thousandths of an inch. So, what the media were trying to frighten us with is a rise in the sea level of little more than a tenth of a quarter of an inch (i.e., .027/.250).

    And let us not forget that much or most of the 60 cubic miles of melted ice from Greenland will refreeze come Winter.]]

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