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Last Update: Apr. 16, 2014.

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I'm feeling like Tom Paine today, so here's my best shot.

Tired of hearing about Islam? Sorry, the ever-increasing uproar over Islam's incursions into the West isn't a passing fad, it's here to stay, and it's not about "Islamophobia", it's about Islam, the world's most supremacist and intolerant ideology making a comeback. The word phobia means an unreasonable fear of something based on ignorance which leads to irrational decision-making processes. The meaning of the word Islam is submit or surrender for a reason, and it's eminently rational to fear being made to submit or surrender to anything bad, which a study of Islam's history proves it to be in spades. Muslims are not like, say, Sikhs, colorful people with quaint customs who are usually quite harmless unless you attack their Golden Temple. From day one Islam has been a giant horror show, a relentless push for world domination centered in Mecca that churns out zombies, slaves and corpses, and is like a rachet wrench, it only turns in one direction: submit-to-it. Due to Muslim immigration, the once happily Muslim-free West is in increasing peril of Islamic infiltration and takeover, a process that will be all bad news, the borders of the Muslim world are always bloody. As an American, I'm troubled by the lack of concern as ideological enemies of freedom are allowed to immigrate and those who speak out are dismissed as xenophobes and racists instead of patriots who know how their forebears came here to escape tyranny and injustice and want to keep it that way. Too bad, the media are currently dominated by Islam history ignoramuses and Muslim disinformation artists who claim to see no threat, and worse, blame and try to silence those who do, hoping to stifle all debate about the political dangers of the ideology of Islam itself, repeating the pattern of many proud civilizations of the past before they were absorbed forever. Even after Pearl Harbor and 9/11, the U.S. seems to love to close the barn door only after the horse is loose, but when it comes to Islam, it might only be able to do so after unimaginable bloodshed, hence my clarion call to wake up now.

But boxing superstar Muhammad Ali turned Muslim, and he seems okay, never mind his refusal to fight for the U.S. in Vietnam, or the seditious activities of the Nation of Islam? When it comes to Islam, Western political principles learned via study of the last couple of centuries of history won't work, nor will appeasement. It's not about Marxist class struggle or Western capitalism with them, it's about eternal rewards or punishments for what they do on Earth for their god Allah. And it sure isn't about voices like moi who warn of the threat of Islam, it's about them, and I'll prove it.

Take their slogan that Islam is a religion of love. It is, but only in the sense that all Muslims must love Allah, who then tells them whom to hate, namely all unbelievers, including Muslims of a different stripe, and what to do about them, push them aside and conquer and rule their territory, then reduce them to dhimmi status, making them pay a jizya tax to keep from being executed, AKA protection money, forever. Love of other Muslims is very iffy, since one false move and Allah commands you to lop off their hands or head without pity or mercy.

Take their slogan that Islam is a religion of peace. Most Muslims say that only because previous Muslims waged bloody holy war for centuries and suppressed the infidels and set up Allah's peace terms of Sharia, meaning rule of the land in his name, which destroys everybody's freedoms permanently and only compensates by giving Muslims a bit more freedom than infidels. So the catch about Islam being a religion of peace is that it's only after you accept its peace terms of total submission along with its horrible Sharia that makes Muslims superior to non-Muslims and men to women. Until then Allah commands Muslims to wage ceaseless war with unbelievers, which historically has come to mean even Muslims of different sects, which is why Islam has been a religion of endless war with an ironic slogan. Allah himself declared the war, and no human can declare peace in his name, sorry, you're either with him or against him, although he does permit temporary truces greased by plenty of jizya or punishment taxes, like the stupid U.S. has been paying the Taliban, Egypt, etc. No, not all Muslims are terrorists or are in a jihad on us right now, but their us-vs-them Muslim superiority attitude is intact in all. Just because a wolf dons sheep's clothing, it doesn't change it into a sheep, its true nature remains the same. And you got it, Muslims will turn on even other Muslims when they think Allah is pleased by it, no wonder I run when I see a mosque.

It's not about racism. Islam isn't a race, but it wants to absorb all races, so let's not go there, it's counterproductive. It's not just a religion either, because it comes with a god who wants to control the government, so let's not get mired in discussions of the Crusades and Creationism. It's not about us Western infidels being bigots against multiculturalism, they're not colorful Hare Krishnas panhandling at the airport. Islam teaches Muslims to be mindless bigot farms dedicated to monoculturalism, them minarets with hog-calling towers don't make for good neighbors with infidels, nor do them flocks of women wearing burqas, abayas and other aggressive signs of their men taking over your territory for Allah and sharpening their swords for use on your neck. The Quran teaches Muslims to regard themselves as literally too superior to even make friends with infidels, whom Allah has already consigned to eternal punishment. Being brainwashed from birth to accept every atomic particle of Islam without question as the absolute truth, the world to them is one way, their way, and when anybody else sees the world another way, they're not only wrong they're evil and must be controlled. So forget about them giving infidels equal rights, or any rights at all, they're the intolerant ones, it's the will of Allah, you're sick and we got the bloody medicine.

Forget about separation of mosque and state, mosques are the state, and the Quran is their constitution, and mosques in non-Muslim countries are Muslim state outposts and forts, the real reason for the all-out push for one at Ground Zero. Muslim immigration is a Trojan Horse, because when their numbers and power give them the opportunity, Muslims will subvert the infidel Constitution for the Quran every time, destroying everything the infidels built and calling on the govt. to keep infidels down permanently while laughing at their ancestors for letting their holy Quran in complete with a fifth column without a fight.

If you still don't get it, Islam is not just a faith it's a government, inseparable, 1400 years of history will give anybody who takes the time plenty of warning. Yes, the holy books of other religions can turn people into holier-than-thou bigots too, but Christianity and Judaism went through reformations to make their believers rejoin the human race, while Islam never did, because its mind control is far stronger, and the consequences of free thinking are more sure and deadly.

Can Islam be reformed via a Christian-style Reformation? How? The Protestant Reformation was a revolt against the papacy that used the words and examples of Jesus against it, but an Islamic reformation would be a revolt against Allah himself. Only with a massive outside infidel army could it even be attempted, which is just the point, we need to wake up and not only stop Muslim immigration but work to quarantine the Muslim world and contract it to force the reformation on them after we get over our hangups about our culture, warts and all being the superior one.

Is it possible to separate Muslims into "good" and "bad" Muslims, and label the latter Islamists to demonize them and give the others a pass, welcoming them into society with open arms and hoping they won't hurt us, like ABC's Diane Sawyer? Sorry, so-called moderate Muslims are like the fabled unicorn, plenty of sightings, none captured and in a zoo yet. Muslims who claim to hate Islamic extremists are still for Allah and his final perfect example prophet Muhammad, hence have no ideological stand to take against anything they command or set the example for, and are just trying to get the Muslim Trojan Horse in the Western gates so their progeny can do the rest. For a Muslim to really become moderate he would have to chuck Muhammad and half the Quran, after which he might as well chuck Allah too, and ditch the very name Islam, and forget being a Muslim, or at least let his children grow up without the indoctrination, once you go through it you can never chuck Allah but merely con yourself that you haven't betrayed him by going part-infidel. Okay, it's not about the people it's about the ideology, unless they imbibe it too deeply. Most Muslims from Muslim countries have gone through the childhood brainwashing, and are merely secularized or lapsed, skipping mosque to work and party in the rich advanced infidel land, but accepting Islam's basic premises on faith and in principle, but just not gotten around to serious study yet. Yes, let's hope they never do, and don't discover that if they accept that Allah controls eternal rewards and punishments, they must obey his commands to quit having fun and go out and take over the govt. for him. But if it happens, then what? You guessed it, Ayatollah Khomeini, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lucky they weren't allowed to immigrate to the U.S. Oh yes, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, Faisal Shahzad, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 7th century jihadists allowed to roam free inside our borders with modern weapons while the liberal ostrich press pretends it was our fault and the Obama admin. refuses to profile Muslims, let's X-ray that Jehovah's Witness group first.

Let's say that only 1% of Muslims become jihadists. That's 1% of 1.5 billion, or 15 million. What if 10% are really leaning towards jihad? That makes 150 million. These numbers are staggering considering all the damage the few thousand members of al-Qaida have already done. Like Cyrus in the film The Warrior put it, if all the Muslim gangs would unite they would outnumber the pigs. But the madass jihadists who want to get to Allah's paradise quick by dying while murdering infidels are not nearly as bad as the lifetime students of Islam, the pros who progress to elder status and coolly plot the subversion of our way of life and constitution for Allah's Way of Sharia. With them all options are on the table, including cold-blooded lying for Allah's cause, which they call Taqiyya, no it's not a Mexican restaurant.

Take sinister Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf for example. Sure the Ground Zero Up Yours for Allah Victory Mosque is a multicultural understanding outreach center and not even a mosque, people just lose their hearing aids all the time, and they just have to site it as close to Ground Zero as possible because of all the whorehouses and gay bars. No, we won't accept free land elsewhere, because Allah thinks you have the word Dumbass stamped on your infidel foreheads. Of course it's not near Ground Zero, until it comes time to get Ground Zero federal funds for it, forget separation of mosque and state, this is Islam. Meanwhile the sinister Saudis are financing mega-mosques throughout the U.S. to form the hubs for total future takeover, so what if they're nearly empty at first, they got their man Obama working on that, imagine that as you're pacing the pews of your mega-church.

It's not about tolerance. Yes, the West prides itself on tolerance, up to a point, but tolerance isn't a 1-way street, and allowing Muslims into our non-Muslim country as immigrants will guarantee ceaseless strife because of what they will bring with them. Those who are intolerant and can't change have to be kept from power. The mainly leftist PC media have disgraced themselves with knee-jerk reactions of automatically embracing Islam as innocuous without knowing anything but what Muslim spokesmen tell them, giving them prominent positions to spread disinformation while marginalizing non-Muslim truth-tellers including moi. What will Islam ignoramus leftists demand next, affirmative action for Muslims? Nobody is born Muslim, it's an ideology that Muslim children are brainwashed into, and few consciously adopt for the first time in adulthood, which is just the point, handing a child a Quran and telling him to imbibe it is dangerous. So it's not about tolerating some specific Muslims now, it's about the Quran they bring with them that contains Allah's commands to keep up the war until he wins, if you won't do it the Muslim next door will, or their children. The PC media loves to feature a misguided famous Westerner who converted to Islam, like they used to do with one who converted to Hare Krishna, without understanding that Islamic Sharia commands execution of any Muslim leaving the faith, they can't put it on and take it off like the latest Paris fashion, which is yet another reason why the West must stop Muslim immigration now and reverse it or else face an endless push to subvert the constitution and erect Sharia that will soon grow bloody and stifle everybody's freedoms.

What about Muslim-Americans? Don't they have the same rights to be here as Christians, Jews and Atheists? No, because, simply put, Allah and his spokesman Muhammad are the archenemies of our Western freedoms, including our precious U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Therefore those who submit to Islam are already working for the other team and are just haggling about the price. If you still don't get it, what Islamic cleric has issued a fatwa proclaiming the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in accordance with Islamic law? On the contrary, every Muslim majority nation that tried secularism is now crumbling and heading toward throwing out its democratic republic for an Islamic republic. Duh, what does that tell you? The reason that there is a "Muslim World" in the first place is that from day one Islam has been all about destroying all other religions and taking over their governments with a theocracy that sets up horrible Sharia, and patriotic Americans shouldn't worry about being labeled Islamophobes for not wanting America to become part of the Muslim world and tolerating sedition. Instead they should proudly proclaim themselves as Misislamists, haters of Islam and all it stands for, as shown by the total lack of freedoms in the Muslim world, and stand up to each and every attempt to spread it to our hemisphere.

Why then do we want to invite potential foreign agents and enemy combatants into our borders to show how tolerant we are, are we suicidal? Do we want to convert to Islam too, or allow our progeny to? Do we think we can change them? If not, are we willing to let them stay the same? How can Muslims stay the same and ever become part of We the People? Too bad, instead of trying to preserve its historical blessed isolation from the bloody and unfree Muslim world, the U.S. is in a suicidal funk over prejudice, bigotry, hate speech, discrimination, profiling, etc. Only comedians who appear to hate themselves and their society can get a pass in criticizing the onslaught of Islam anymore. Read my lips: it's not about us, it's about them, about their ideology of Islam. If you can't beat us join us, that was what they said in The Matrix.

Don't accuse me of being an alarmist, I got the juice and have links right here to the news and opinion articles proving my points, along with my own, and it's your problem if you don't read them and instead try to frame me on your own ignorant horns, making you the real bigot. I'm the teacher here, why don't you take off your horns and spend the time to study with me and grow wiser? If you want to take me on then disprove my sources. Speaking of sources, nobody grows wiser by reading works by those who spent their lives imbibing the Quran, turning their minds into piles of crap, they can only turn you into their clones, so no, we don't need to invite imams, mullahs or ayatollahs to give their side to the debate. You don't need to spend decades mastering Islam and Islamic law to know it's evil, sick, wrong, and an enemy of all the freedoms we fought for.

Speaking of violence, Islamic terrorists are only a part of the threat, they have little choice now to score victories for Allah other than terrorist suicide attacks on herds of infidels. The main threat is Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate and set up de facto Sharia then foment civil war and act as a fifth column for the outside Muslim world, as Europe is finding out. Until Islam itself goes through a reformation as proved by Muslim countries dropping Islam as their official religion and opening up to other religions and chucking Sharia, the war is still on and there are battle lines, and our govt. must learn to recognize and respect them to protect our people. Unless and until the Muslim world changes, Muslim immigration is not immigration it's invasion.

Is it only rightists and racist bigots who are promoting bigotry against poor downtrodden innocent harmless Muslims, and creating a new anti-Semitism? Sorry, it's not about Western politics, left, center, or right, it's about Allah, who wants to push them all aside and control everybody and everything whether they want it or not. It's sad to see rightists warning of the danger of Sharia and leftists knee-jerking in support of Muslims because they hate rightists. Neither group wants to see their country turn into a Sharia hellhole, so it's time they realized they have common ground here. Instead of hoping that Islam will change, and bowing and submitting to its demands to open the gates to Muslims who won't change and instead want to change us, we need to encourage more like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who chuck Islam completely, after which they can queue up for immigration to the West, especially those with good educations and skills, but not until. Our Founding Fathers, by the way, meant for freedom of religion to stop with beliefs, and would never have permitted Sharia in any form, to them it would have been a criminal enterprise to be stopped by the govt.

Let me guess, you still think I'm the dumbass and you're the genius, so it's time to trip me up. Islam is at war with the non-Muslim world, and has been since day one back in the 7th century, right? So what's keeping it from sending out giant armies instead of tiny terrorist armies? Doesn't that prove that Islam is indeed a religion of peace, and it's just an extremist fringe who have warped its teachings? Sorry, Islam has been in an all-out war with the non-Muslim world since day one, which only ended with the dissolution of the caliphate in the 1920s. Too bad, the era of British and French hegemony over the Islamic world that started after WWI and kept it from restoring the caliphate is now crumbling, and the Khilafa movement is picking up steam yearly. Too bad the West was so divided that it didn't unite to end Islam forever back before WWI by occupying Muslim lands, disarming the men, and taking the children and women away to break the cycle of indoctrination, so what if they had brought them up as Christians, they would have chucked it along with the rest of the Euros by now, but Islam would be kaput. Instead, the West weakened itself with two horrible world wars, and let Islam play dead and pretend that they were unlearning their ideology and becoming "secular", while continuing the indoctrination of their children for the day they can rise again and finish Allah's work, his commands aren't written in disappearing ink and have no time limit. The loser game of the French and Brits was to nourish the Pan-Islamic movement that told Muslims to first unite the Muslim world (Umma) behind a new caliphate, and only take up arms after he officially declared jihad, like in the good ole days of the Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile they made sure there was no new caliphate, while ruthlessly suppressing any Muslims who wanted to get violent sans caliphate under nationalist or other guises, which ultimately failed as the nationalists kicked them out of country after country, at first by claiming they were secular Muslim republics, playing off the Islam history ignoramus mainly Christian U.S. and atheist Communist world and encouraging them to take over for them, which broke loose when Iran openly chucked secular for theocratic government with misguided Marxist help, albeit for the 10% minority of Shiites, leaving the other 90% of Sunnis to follow their lead, as we see happening every day in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, Russian Caucasus et al. The magic moment of turning the tide in their favor was when the violent Islamists got stupid U.S. Pres. Reagan to support them in a military struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan, playing both ends against the middle, then setting up a horrible Sharia state that thumbed their noses at both of them as soon as the U.S. forgot about them, later giving safe haven to al-Qaida. Sure, Muslims really want to become Marxists and switch to new infidel god Marx, and sure, Muslims want to become American Capitalists and switch to new infidel gods George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the infidel Constitution, it's your birthday, go shout it. Meanwhile the U.S. spent incredible resources to create the A-bomb, which otherwise might never have been created, then let the nuclear genie out of the bottle to their archenemies in Russia, and even let Muslim Pakistan get it, changing the equation even more to Islam's side, since once they create a nuclear-armed caliphate they might be unstoppable, sending nuclear-armed Islamic suicide jihadists to score a David-type victory over Goliath, and fatally weaken us, as I've been warning for over a decade in vain.

We only have to be concerned with violent Muslims, the rest are just as good as us and we better not even think about them, that's discrimination? Sorry, but the bottom line is that those who believe in Allah stink in their thinking, they're all potentially violent, he teaches them to discriminate against us, and claims to have the keys to Heaven and Hell, what a sales pitch, how can any infidel talk them out of it? So what if there's 1.x billion nominal Muslims and only 1% or so are violent, the rest aren't Gandhis, they're just waiting for the proper authority to give them orders, and they will fight for their Allah, Muhammad and Quran the same way Americans fight for their country. Today the growing number of violent Muslim groups who are chucking the pan-Islamic Umma rhetoric that tells them to wait for a new caliph and not take the law in their own hands and declaring jihad on the U.S., Israel, Europe et al. on their own are all backed by fatwas from Muslim clerics, who base their fatwas on the Quran, which never set up any earthly authority to stop the great jihad on the unbelievers in the first place. Of course these 1% are currently disavowed by "mainstream" Muslim spokesmen, especially those receiving U.S. aid, who never tell you the punchline that once there's a new nuclear-armed caliphate, all 1.x billion Muslims will do as they are told, even those living in the West, who will happily give up the pretense of supporting any infidel govt. and kill infidels like in the good ole days. If we don't stop immigration now, by the time this happens some might have worked up to control of Western armies, followed by unthinkable consequences, all totally avoidable now. Too bad, Pres. Obama and his atty. gen. Eric Holder are determined to protect Muslims like sacred cows no matter how many infidels they have to stomp on, and Obama has announced that he's making way for 80K new Islamic immigrants in 2011 after deporting more than that many Mexicans et al., what a legacy that will leave.

Maybe Obama really is a secret Muslim with the goal of fatally infecting America with the Islam virus and letting it do its work. The way he lied that Islam is a religion of peace, that Muslims were instrumental in the history of the U.S., and that there's already 7 million Muslims in America when it's far less (2.35 million according to Pew Research Center) announces his goal for his presidency, doesn't it? Obama's use of the power of the federal govt. to make sure that Muslims become sacred cows who can set up not only mosques but de facto Sharia in their enclaves and be immune from local interference, sounds like the way HIV turns into full-blown AIDS. Why isn't the insidious CAIR outfit treated as an agent of a foreign power instead of being elevated to a par with the B'nai B'rith, NAACP and ACLU put together? Don't learn history, make it, Obama's way. The first president who is on Allah's team? Obama too shall pass, but the U.S. will go on, upholding the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Maybe Obama is just a leftist, and any leftist would do what he's doing? Instead of passionately alerting the American people to the disturbing truth about the Islamic threat to their way of life, Western leftists are currently devoted to the Neville Chamberlain act of appeasement, bowing to each and every Muslim demand as if it will be the last, while shutting up the debate about Islam, knowing they will lose, taking advantage of their power and position by walking off the set in The View when Bill O'Reilly merely mentioned the fact that Muslim terrorists did 9/11, or by summarily firing Juan Williams for saying that he along with many if not most Americans feel uncomfortable sitting on an airplane with Muslims in Muslim garb, guess where a great place to hide bombs could be found after we are no longer uncomfortable and let our guards down. Yes, Muslims did 9/11, just not under orders of a caliph, but if they had, mainstream Islam would back them up 100%, sorry Islam ignoramus leftist women of The View, you are helping open the gates to the Muslim Trojan Horse by trivializing it into a left v. right thang. Sorry, Islam ignoramus Oklahoma federal judges, whether or not there's several interpretations of it, Sharia per se is too prohibited by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights because it's based on submission to Allah's will, the rest is what that will is, but Congress may make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, except those seditiously trying to overthrow the Constitution to make their religion the boss, which with Islam is Allah's command, get it? But one thing is clear, Allah forever commands all Muslims no matter what sect or organization to spread the territory ruled by his Sharia worldwide by all means, violent and not, including by lying, and it's not negotiable with him, sorry.

So Islam is currently in not at peace but in a Cold War with the West until they restore the caliphate, and Muslims should be treated as dangerous potential enemies of the Constitutional government by Congress like they did with Nazis and Communists, else it could lead to national suicide. It's not about us hating Muslims, or being bigoted against them, it's Allah who teaches them to hate us and be bigoted against us, hence it's about the ideology of Islam that they bring with them, which itself respects no authority other than Allah and his final prophet Muhammad, whose orders are cast in concrete and have no expired time limit.

American Muslims still have little political or other power to abuse, but why do we want them to? Put it this way: do you want Muslims watching your infidel back? It's Allah himself who commands them to not even make friends with infidels, see Quran 3:28, 3:118, 4:144, 5:51 et al. and try walking in Memphis with some of your Muslim friends. It's mighty big of us to be tolerant to the intolerant, but is it a wise national policy? If a Muslim from the Muslim world won't chuck Islam, he should stay in the Muslim world, it's really simple, the battle lines go back over a thousand years and are still alive, and the only way they should be able to immigrate and stay Muslims is by winning a military victory, where's a new Winston Churchill when we really need one?

But who am I? I must be part of a conspiracy? Sorry, no party or organization pulls my strings. I'm the one and only Historyscoper (tm), and am totally independent, belong to no organizations, and am not a leftist, rightist, Democrat, Republican, or anything else. I don't even register to vote, although I totally support the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and use my great power to influence the masses to love what it stands for and fight for it, including by voting. Think of me as the second coming of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin put together, with Tom Paine added. I have no secret financial backer, but yes, I'll take a gift of $100K or more anytime, as long as there's no strings attached, don't even ask, just send me a cashier's check, I won't even send you a thank you note, I will just keep on keeping on, yes it would be nice to have enough funding to hire a staff to do my grunt work.

Speaking of our Constitution, what about the right of Muslims to practice their religion in the U.S., build mosques, etc.? That's just the point, once accepted as immigrants they have that right, subject to restrictions on religious practices including minarets, burqas, polygamy, Sharia courts etc., plus zoning ordinances. Which is just the point, Muslims are commanded by Allah to wage ceaseless war against infidels and their laws, and those who won't go terrorist will still fight with civil disobedience and lawfare to undermine all infidel laws and erect Allah's law of Sharia, or at least the version of their choice, all of which have the death penalty for insulting Islam. So what if even the sick Church of Scientology and Church of Satan have rights, and the govt. has to tolerate them? That's all, tolerate, not reach-out, welcome, and finance them. One sign of political activity and their tax exemption should be jerked, and one indication of Sharia and their passport revoked. Islamism, the euphemism for real Islam that obeys Allah's commands to take over the land and govt., must go, it really must go, no melting pot can mix in inflammable people.

But how can we withdraw citizenship for even the most extremist Muslim under our laws now? We currently can't, unless we catch them planning terrorism or sedition. But the Constitution isn't a suicide pact, and the political component built into Islam should throw it outside blanket protection of the Bill of Rights, which can't be used as a club to destroy the freedoms and rights of others to appease Allah, and it is up to Congress to declare political Islam including Sharia to be a political ideology that is an enemy of our Constitutional system of government, which it still hasn't done, so let's hope it's soon before too much damage is done, along with stopping Muslim immigration by repealing or modifying Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration act that opened the gates. Even a 10-year or 20-year moratorium on immigration from Muslim majority countries would be a nice start, how about an indefinite one.

Speaking of damage, we are living under a president who's not just tolerating this horrible evil ideology, but is into appeasing it, and going beyond that daily like a blind man walking out into a busy highway, doing more damage than good. Let's hope he either changes or loses an election in favor of a smarter president, an Islamosophe who has taken my online courses and can pass my tests, not an Islam ignoramus who wallows in the lalaland of tuning out "anti-Islam bigots". I know his people are hitting my sites regularly, they're smart to come to the master like the whole world does, so unless they're dyslexic they know the truth, and no, I don't appreciate them digging nuggets out of context to use in misguided pro-Islam court briefs. Yes, I'll take a 6-mo. million-dollar consulting contract to straighten them out anytime, screw HuffPo, AlterNet and other such true bigot sites who banned me from posting to their readers like they own the Internet. Of course Obama will never give me a contract, he prefers to give them to Muslims who tell him what he wants to hear, their pure stinking thinking about how to submit to Allah like they did. I'll never submit to Allah or betray the U.S. Constitution for him even if he promises me a million virgins.

Speaking of Muslims in the West, even if we admit only those with higher degrees and needed skills - which we don't, since Pres. Bush once offered to absorb 100K Palestinians in exchange for a peace agreement, oh yes, Osama bin Laden was a degreed civil engineer, scratch that idea - there's the huge cultural collision, with the zillion religious restrictions placed on Muslims making it hard for them to live and work side-by-side with non-Muslims, from being offended by the sight or smell of pork to their dress restrictions, polygamy and child brides and female genital mutilation, honor killings, offense at seeing Muhammad cartoons, all-out intolerance of homosexuals, women's liberation, problems with mixed marriages, ad infinitem, with their first impulse of intolerance to others being to call the law in and demand they enforce Muslim law AKA Sharia, their sect's version that is, then act stunned when they don't, or when the courts reverse it. Truly, the full Muslim lifestyle requires them to control the government and courts totally and make Muslims officially superior to non-Muslims, and their Muslim sect superior to the others, Allah tells them all to go for it in the huge pile of Muslim sacred writings, the digger you deep, the more trapped you get, get it? Too bad, they might try to vote Sharia in some place after concentrating their numbers and creating a "stan", like Dearbornistan, but the courts will overturn it as unconstitutional, and if they really don't like it there's plenty of Muslim countries that still have what they want.

Meanwhile the Quran's language easily causes susceptible Muslims to become like gasoline looking for a spark to set them off, but all Muslims are susceptible if they spend enough time imbibing the Quran, turning them into ticking time bombs when set loose in a non-Muslim country like the U.S., yes, you should be nervous when Muslims in full religious garb get on your plane. Not that when you meet a Muslim you shouldn't treat him/her with respect for their rights. There is no need for panic, the U.S. has weathered many powerful enemies and enemy ideologies just fine, albeit none with such an arrogant supremacist attitude, the #1 enemy of the entire West for over a thousand years until its big military defeat in Vienna in 1683. Be smart and limit your efforts to the political plane, and if you can't stand the culture clash just keep your distance as best you can. We want to change the computer program of immigration law and let it garbage-collect the sprites under law, not become a player and try to shoot-em-up ourselves, we love our Constitution too much, going terrorist is what they do after thumping a Quran and falling for Allah's promise of paradise for martyrdom while advancing the cause of Islam (9:111), none of our Bibles have that kind of escape clause, which is yet another reason a non-Muslim nation must unite in opposing Muslim immigration. It's not about bigotry, it's about wise national policy to preserve the peace and security. No, nobody's trying to deport Muhammad Ali :)

Speaking of who's da bigot, it's Muslims who are brainwashed with classic techniques to accept the Quran without question, and learn the horrible history of Islam from a winner's point of view, hurray for all them dead infidels and so on, it's us versus them, they're working for the Devil, and Allah promises to send them to Hell in the end, Allah Akbar and all that jizya. Islam forever seeks out the weakest minds, those who want to be told what to think and how to behave, and who cling to extravagant claims of divine authority, then takes them over and turns them into willing tools for conquest and breeding. Sure Allah is omnipotent and omniscient, he commands his believers to take over the world on their own then gives infidels the A-bombs and ICBMs. Fortunately we infidels were not brainwashed into this horrible evil wrong violent destructive degrading mental slavery cult, and are on the real winner's side, with the culture and tradition of freedom of thought that is going to still be here long after Islam is kaput, along with a lock on Science and Technology, so we can keep an open mind while studying Islam and its long track record from the non-Muslim winner's side to help decide how to deal with it. Where's the best place? Right in your browser, using the power of the Internet, with the Historyscoper's free online Islam history course that helps anybody master all 1400 years fast and accurate at your own pace, the best course there is, based on a massive knowledge of all 6,000 years of human history and filled with independent hyperlinks to check facts and go deeper as only the Historyscoper can provide at http://go.to/islamhistory

Stop Muslim immigration? Get Islam declared as an enemy political ideology like Communism or Nazism? Did I mention quit screening non-Muslims at airports and instead concentrate resources on Muslims and those known to be associated with non-Muslim terrorist groups, what I call Muslim Ideological Profiling (MIP)? The lame argument that Muslims might recruit non-Muslims to do their dirty work is crap since only Muslims become suicide attackers in return for Allah's promise of paradise, hence they would have to convert to Islam first, and that's precisely why resources need to be concentrated on Muslims for better response time. Muslims with nothing to hide should welcome profiling to clear them. Those who don't like it can lump it, they are free to renounce Islam anytime they want, or clean up their own group and out the bad apples. So I'm for polarizing people? No, Allah and Muhammad are, I'm just trying to deal with their misguided dupes who outnumber me a zillion to one, welcome to my world. But since day one the U.S. has been the shining beacon of liberty opposing the darkness of Islam, and even if we stop and reverse Muslim immigration to the West, Islam will forever threaten us until we go to the heart of the evil: Saudi Arabia. Virtually all Islamic terrorists and anti-U.S. anti-Israel propagandists get their funding from that horrible kingdom where the worst kind of Sharia is practiced, the self-proclaimed guardian of Islam itself, and home of the evil idol in Mecca. We currently need their oil, but at what price?

Let's cut to the chase: Allah is dead. The future doesn't belong to Allah. The Muslim world must finally accept it and join the human race. Let's help them while keeping our guard up.

What about Pres. Obama's assertions that the U.S. is not and never will be at war with Islam? Sorry, Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world long before there was a U.S., and his b.s. is not only sad, ignorant and arrogant, but backwards. The U.S. needs to lead the non-Muslim world in a war against the horrible 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which has been systematically hijacking the U.N. and turning non-aligned nations against the non-Muslim West and trying to enact Sharia on a world level, starting with a direct attack on freedom of speech to insult or criticize Islam, of course. If you can't do that, you will find it very hard to stop Sharia from being enacted. Read the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam to see what must be done when we finally get the national will: http://go.to/winslowplan

Oh yes, poor outnumbered surrounded Israel, which is our canary in the mine and deserves staunch unwavering support. If it weren't for Islam, anti-Semitism would be all-but kaput, and Israel would be profoundly more safe than it is now, a shining beacon to the entire Middle East to finally make it a democratic society instead of an enemy of the the world like it is now. Truly Israel is our only real friend in the region. As it goes, so go we. The horrible Saudis have pumped billions into anti-Israeli propaganda that tries to delegitimize Israel while building up the fake nationality of Palestinian, when they're all just Arabs, who look to the Saudis for money and orders. With this glaring example of never giving back one square inch of "Allah's territory" that they have conquered and set up mosques in, why why why do Western govts. literally invite Muslims into their borders, especially the U.S., the world's top refuge for Jews? What part of Muhammad's commands to kill the infidels do they not understand? We're the infidels, and we're not going to change, submit or surrender, and our tolerance does not give anybody a blank check. What will it take to wake our leaders up or get wiser new ones?

A letter I posted on the Dallas Morning News on Apr. 15, 2011:

Ever since the Reagan era the U.S. has been veering disastrously toward a false peace with Islam. Remember when Reagan invited the Taliban into the White House and praised them as freedom fighters? Remember when the Saudis donated millions for Clinton's library? Remember when Bush II said that Islam is a religion of peace? Remember when Obama said that America will never be at war with Islam, and that Islam has always been a part of America? Remember how Obama lamented the burning of a mass-printed copy of the Quran as if an American doesn't have the right to dispose of his private property, and how he always says "holy Quran"? If it were Twitter, it would be Twick or Tweat, here's my bag, fill it with money.

Now the Obama admin. is letting the insidious CAIR outfit into the White House and playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the last five presidents cover both major parties, the real question is how can we get America back onto the right road of building a world alliance to end Islam forever the say we did Naziism, with an all-out war that quarantines the Muslim world, contracts it, and finally outlaws Islam worldwide as a criminal enterprise. Or is it too late, because the West had their big chance a hundred years ago when the Ottoman Empire was on its knees and all we had to do was occupy it, take the children away and raise them without seeing a Quran before putting them on probation and hoping they'd join the human race rather than continue as Allah's zombies with the M:I of conquering it for him however steep the odds and however much they ruin the Earth? The Muslim birthrate is so high that they will likely become 50% of the world pop. by the middle of the century, after which even a world alliance with China and India might not stop it.

Repeat after me, I hereby declare on oath, that I absolutely and entirely, without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion, so help me God, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, Allahu Akbar kill the infidels, Islam will dominate the Earth?

Read my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam, in which I lay out the way for the U.S. to lead the war in declaring war on the world domination sociopolitical ideology of Islam along with the horrible dark evil mirror called the Quran, which in reality is a Satanic music score, try playing the Rolling Stones and the recitation of the Quran in parallel to see the resemblance. The Quran is the archenemy of the U.S. Constitution, and the rest is b.s. Alas, my plan won't likely even be considered until Islamists set off WMDs on American soil and cause tremendous lasting damage - that'll sure make Islam a part of America.

The Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam

The Chinese boy Obama administration say America and Islam are not mutually exclusive, and Islam contributed much to the founding of the U.S.? Duh, it was founded at a time when the caliphate had been declaring holy war on it and the entire Christian West for centuries, and the Muslim World was in a de facto quarantine as a criminal enterprise. Obama is a LIAR about Islam. No, the U.S. isn't in an official war with Islam yet, because Islam hasn't restored the caliphate, but it needs to wake up that Islam's dead god Allah is at war with us. Allah is the archenemy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and Islam (meaning submit to Allah) is not just a religion but a global political conspiracy with its own incompatible alien civilization that respects no national boundaries or constitutions and has always had a master plan to make the whole world submit to Allah's sick insane repressive "divine" laws called Sharia. Instead of continuing to ostrich and listen to Obama lie to us to open the gates to a future civil war, it's time to deal with it now by recognizing that the Constitution is broke and needs fixing with the Winslow Amendment to permit Islam to be treated differently, then passing federal laws treating Islam itself as a threat, especially when it becomes political Islam or Islamism. There are very real ancient battle lines, and until the Muslim World is no more they can't be ignored without peril. Sorry PC ostriches, but a minority of atheists et al. notwithstanding, the U.S. is a Judeo-Christian nation that has no place for Sharia, and no Quran-thumping Muslim can be a real American who will support and defend the U.S. Constitution, because the horrible Quran is an alien DNA that's incompatible with ours, and dead Allah commands Muslims to make it the constitution, with the American continent ruled by a global caliphate of successors to his final prophet Muhammad, who will make Muslims superior in all ways to non-Muslims while systematically destroying all traces of our "infidel" culture, reversing everything Americans achieved, fought and died for. The ideology of Islam in short is not just a temporary enemy, but an existential enemy of the U.S. That's why all Muslims in the U.S. are potential agents of a foreign power and/or enemy combatants, not to mention the occasional jihadist suicide terrorist. Congress must recognize this and stop and reverse Muslim immigration - they already have their "Muslim World". But some Muslims are so cute? Sorry, even if a Muslim is lapsed and doesn't attend mosque or read the Quran, he/she still hands it to their children, who might begin imbibing it and take orders direct from Allah, like Maj. Nidal Hassan - who wants Muslim soldiers watching their infidel back? Muhammad's beard isn't for fondling, like Pres. Obama and his appeasers are trying. How many of the world's 1.5+ billion Muslims does the U.S. need? 300 million? Once they reach even 30 million the U.S. won't be the U.S. anymore because the world Muslim Umma or Borg Hive will begin its final push to absorb it by civil war and military takeover. Congress has to ultimately take a principled stand that the U.S. will never become part of the Muslim World over their dead bodies, and crack down on the all-embracing ideology of Islam as not deserving of full First Amendment protections, and begin treating it like they did Communism and Fascism for the protection of our Constitutional republic, no matter whose PC sensibilities it offends. The hard leftists will strive mightily to confuse the core issue with smokescreens of racism, civil rights, etc. because they know that Muslim immigration will weaken the U.S. they hate so much and its ability to support the Israel they also hate - screw them and let them go live under Sharia somewhere else. Get the raw truth here and fork the PC media.

In case you've been sleeping through this, let me repeat myself. I'm an American, and until Muslims started dominating the news I didn't care a fig for Islam or the Muslim World, which if not for oil has one foot in the Third World. Too bad, Islam is far more than a religion, it's a world domination political system, the original Nazism from Hell. From day one Islam declared war on the whole world, and it's set in concrete in the words and example of Muhammad so it can never be changed and still be called Islam. Even a "good" Muslim gives the Quran to their children, which can put them under its evil spell, look at Maj. Nidal Hassan. Each generation is expected by Allah to keep up the jihad, and true, some heat it up while some get chicken and cool it down, but the Quran keeps commanding them to wage jihad until Islam takes over the world, and that can never change because the Quran can't change. Only the U.S. has the First Amendment that protects the exercise of religion, but we can't allow Muslims to hide behind it to carry on the jihad in any way shape or form or else they or their descendants will subvert and destroy the U.S. Constitution and all the amendments they were hiding behind. Hence the current Muslim attempt to stifle all critics by labelling them as racists is just a smokescreen for the jihad, and we must fight them with everything we got. Funny, but even this attempt of theirs gives themselves away, because they push the label of Islamophobia, which doesn't mean hatred of Muslims, it only means fear of Islam. How insulting to tell me I don't have the right to fear something that orders my death, what loons. But yes, I hate Islam, and I find it hard not to hate a lot of Muslims who have earned my hate by their words or actions, and I'm sure they hate me just as much or worse, because they started it with their hate, and I won't let them finish it, because I'm a proud American infidel - not a Christian, sorry, but do I have to be as Christian as George Washington to believe in his cause?

Did I say that Islam is the archenemy of the U.S. Constitution, and you have to take sides and fight, because if you aren't against them you might as well be for them? We need to fight at the federal level to be effective. If the U.S. Supreme Court won't render a decision on this then a constitutional amendment 'is top priority. Meanwhile respect the law and don't take it into your own hands, that plays in their hands too. Don't fight the law, change the law and get it enforced, which is what they want to do too, they call their law Sharia, only they try to get it enacted piecemeal in a de facto fashion by hook or crook, without official votes if necessary just by corrupting prosecutors and judges in the early stages before the final bloody takeover allows them to abolish our Constitution and proclaim a new one based on the Quran.

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