One thought on “FEERE: Obama lures Republicans into his immigration trap”

  1. My reply:

    We had white horses and ladies by the score all dressed in satin and waiting by the door, ooh what a lucky man he was 🙂

    The days when all-white America could shut out Mexico via a wall of apartheid are kaput. Instead of worrying about what party Mexicans would vote for, we should be worrying about how to get their territory under the U.S. flag as 10 new states so we can open it up to development, creating jobs for all. It’s likely that a large percentage of Mexicans would vote Republican if the GOP joined with the Democrats to annex the failed state of Mexico instead of endlessly gaming Congress to do nothing out of fear that so many millions given citizenship would be owned by the Democratic Party instead of thinking for themselves.

    This issue is above party politics. It goes back 200 years. From the White House down everybody knows I’m right, but everybody’s afraid to talk for fear somebody might actually start doing it. Why why why do we keep a historical mistake going? The rest of the world is laughing at us.

    Listen to John Wayne, unstick yourself from stupid, drop your arrogance, and let’s reason together. Visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog now and see how my plan can be started immediately. We don’t have to be in an endless war with ourselves, or with the Mexican people, who don’t need their own country anymore than the Pennsylvania Dutch if they can be full citizens in ours in return for turning their territory over. When reason prevails we can easily become a 60-state nation and take on the world.

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