One thought on “HANSON: The U.S. is coasting on the fumes of past greatness, following the Roman road to ruins America is following the course of ancient Rome”

  1. My reply:

    History? Did somebody mention history?

    Duh, Hanson must have missed the day that they taught Roman history in college. The mighty Roman Empire lasted 12 centuries, beating off one enemy after another until Attila the Huns’ hordes tore it to shreds, after which it only lasted another 25 years and went kaput fast. America too is far from going kaput since it’s nowhere near being invaded, and indeed sends armies to remote regions of the world at will. Even illegal immigrants sign up to fight for it. Meanwhile the rapid growth of technology and science are daily revolutionizing America, and spreading worldwide. So, unless the U.S. is devastated by WMDs, or the people of Mexico finally turn against us and become Huns or Goths, we’ve got a long life ahead.

    Yes, the worldwide Communist movement wants to “radically transform” America, but even if it succeeds that won’t destroy it, just reshuffle the pecking order. The scientific establishment will still be intact, won’t it? It might become like Socialist Sweden, and might even reverse course if it doesn’t like it, like they did.

    Instead of lame parallels with ancient Rome, Hanson should be seizing the future and getting optimistic, starting with the goal of annexing Mexico as 10 new states to make the U.S. bigger, better, and happier, a global island with seabound eastern, western, and southern borders that making sneaking in much harder. The new states can become scenes of great economic growth for all 400+ million Americans, who can freely mix without passports, all under the Stars and Stripes, not the cruddy Mexican constitution, whose fascist immigration laws make one gag. The only thing that’s going to go kaput is white supremacy, and maybe English supremacy, but whites and English are here to stay no matter what, as long as they get off their high horses and share the New World in peace and prosperity.

    Maybe once 150 million Mexicans are U.S. citizens, they will vote in Communism and try to steal the wealth of the ‘gringos”, but I doubt it, since Mexicans are as into property rights as anybody. More likely, they’ll make fortunes selling rights to Mexican land for development and enjoy their piece of the pie, no food stamps needed.

    After the 60-state megamerge, the only realistic prospect of New Huns are the Muslims and the Chinese. With the added wisdom of the Mexican-American citizen voters, I believe we’ll hold them off nicely for a long time.

    Read about the 60-state megamerge plan at my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog.

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