One thought on “Would Immigration Reform Help the Environment?”

  1. My reply:

    Duh, a few years back environmentalists were loudly crying that building fences along the US-Mexico border blocked wildlife migration routes and hurt the environment. What happened? Have they been coopted by Democrats who only want to increase their voter rolls regardless of other concerns?

    The real truth all along is that there is no solution to the U.S.-Mexico problem without including Mexico and its 110 million citizens in it. Only I offer a 7-step bipartisan permanent solution, the phased incorporation of Mexico as 10 new states, dissolving the current border and making the Mexican coasts the new U.S. border. The new citizens are likely to find the messages of both major parties attractive, not just one. The new bigger better border can finally be effectively sealed against illegal immigration from overseas. The new states can finally be developed to the U.S. level, causing an economic boom ending unemployment. Visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution to see how it could have already been done if both major parties had dropped their feuds and united for America’s future – all 60 states.

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