One thought on “Immigration Reform in the US: Taking racism out of the closet”

  1. The rely:

    Yes, for 200 years the white supremacist U.S. has foisted de facto apartheid on brown-skinned peoples in Mexico, and now the fit is hitting the shan. All along they should have realized that they can’t be walled off, and learned to share the New World with them in peace and prosperity, but not by forcing the runt state of Mexico to straggle along, dependent on them for crumbs. Instead they should invite the entire Mexican people to scrap their failed country and join the U.S. as 10 new states for a win-win solution. Read my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog to see how it can be done with a 7-step plan by a bipartisan majority in Congress in just years, ending the 200-year old problem and seizing the future.

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