One thought on “McCain Accuses ‘Pro-Immigration Groups’ Of Being ‘Oblivious’ by Andrea Christina Nill”

  1. My reply:

    The massacre of Central American border-crossers by a Mexican gang holding them hostage for money is horrible, as is the way the Mexican govt. let them get away with it. Yes, one way to prevent such a massacre is to completely seal our borders to take away the money tree. But that’s impossible, so now what? How about expanding the border to the Mexican coasts where the immigrants are far easier to stop? Oh yes, Mexico would first have to be incorporated into the U.S., and the white supremacist regime that has fostered de facto apartheid would have to accept Mexicans as fellow citizens eventually. And the corrupt Mexican govt. that keeps its people down and fosters crime would have to go, with a combination of popular support starting with a referendum, and U.S. power. But that would put the U.S. military in the position of working to end apartheid rather than continue it, and people like McCain would poop their britches 🙂 Let’s work to form a broad bipartisan coalition that does the right thing and doesn’t let Lucas McCain the Rifleman stop it. Study the Megamerge Dissolution Solution for a working plan to get started at

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