One thought on “Tension over Obama policies within Immigration and Customs Enforcement”

  1. My reply:

    Pres. Obama is increasingly becoming a failed president, with no clout to push any reform legislation through Congress, but when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico issue this is not necessarily bad since neither the Democrats nor Republicans are yet acknowledging that the answer to Mexico is to reorganize it as a new U.S. territory under the most favorable conditions. Until then no president of either party is going to be doing anything except fiddling while Rome burns. It’s not Obama but the party leaders who need to wake up and agree on a general bipartisan goal of making Mexico into the 51st through 60th state, after which they can haggle on timing and details, but not on that goal. Learn the pros and cons of my nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution and tell your party bigwigs to put it in their radar finally:

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