One thought on “Joke’s on Arizona Judicial gymnastics on immigration law”

  1. My reply:

    In a country that’s increasingly became a police state, Susan Bolton’s decision trying to hamper police power only for her sacred cow Mexican border-crossers was obviously politically motivated, look for Obama to pick her for his next Supreme Court spot 🙂 Ever since Chy Lung v. Freeman in 1875, the federal govt.’s power to control immigration and neutralize state immigration laws under the commerce clause has been the law of the land, but Arizona’s law only checks for federally-issued papers, which is why it should survive legal scrutiny if pushed all the way to the top.

    That said, the whole U.S. needs to come together to address the growing ticking time bomb problem of Mexico, a failed dependent country with a corrupt govt. that’s one day going to blow up in our faces. The only solution is a general agreement that it must be reorganized as a new U.S. territory to extend the Constitution over it rather than let it subvert our country and descend us all into anarchy. Google Megamerge Dissolution Solution for my well thought-out 7-step plan showing how we might do it sans racism and xenophobia.

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