One thought on “Mexican murder suspect: U.S. consulate infiltrated”

  1. The horrible corrupt Mexican govt. that has been infiltrated by drug cartels and elite fatcats has no real reason to exist and must go, it really must go. It’s up to the mighty U.S. to force a 1-state solution by dropping a century and half of misguided white supremacy and Anglophile b.s. and accepting all Mexicans as future U.S. citizens after they agree to dissolve their country and reorganize their territory as several new U.S. states so there will never be a 2-state eyesore again, and all 414 million Americans can freely move as they please to find or create jobs. So what if the U.S. officially becomes bilingual, it’s already that way de facto. See how it can be done with the 7-step Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

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