One thought on “Obama’s Cosmetic Border Security Plan Won’t Work, But These Ideas Will (and Have!) The president tries to respond to public opinion with an ineffective proposal, ignoring a couple ideas that actually help secure the border.”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, these aren’t horseback riding days, and Ft. Apache won’t work in the modern world. The 2K-mi. U.S.-Mexico border has always been and will always been unsealable. Worse, if it were actually sealed via massive militarization, ticking time bomb Mexico would likely be taken over by a Mexican Castro who invited our worst enemies to move in and set up shop. Why keep squirrel caging with endless non-solutions and fantasies when the U.S. has the power to effect a true permanent solution that will be a happy ending for all? Find out about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

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