One thought on “U.S. to change strategy for war on drugs in Mexico Aid will shift target to corrupt law enforcement and politicians rather than pricy hardware like helicopters”

  1. My reply:

    It’s sad that otherwise intelligent Obama admin. officials can’t take the time to read the only true solution to the U.S.-Mexico problem, but insist on squirrel-caging on one non-solution after another. Yes, it would be nice if they could write a check and reform Mexico’s totally corrupt govt., just like it would be nice if one could push with a rope, but it goes against the laws of Nature. Any money given to Mexico’s govt. to reform itself will only line officials’ pockets and make it more corrupt. The only true solution starts with working with Mexico’s people to dissolve their govt. in return for statehood and citizenship. Take time to read the Megamerge Dissolution Solution now at

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