One thought on “Activists blast Mexico’s immigration law”

  1. My reply:

    You hit the nail on the head that it’s the Mexican govt. that’s the elephant in the room that must be dealt with first, not the little mice it’s sending scurrying over the border. Totally corrupt and run by elite fatcats like Carlos Slim and criminal cartels, it’s virtually a criminal enterprise, keeping Mexico backward and undeveloped while riding the rich on the backs of the poor and crushing them until they either go criminal or cross the border seeking honest work, only to be crushed between two incompatible elephantine systems. Any real solution to the U.S.-Mexico border problem must start by dissolving that govt. Along with that, why not dissolve the border itself, expanding it to the Mexican coasts by incorporating Mexico into the U.S. in return for full phased-in citizenship for all Mexicans? The net result will be an oceanbound coastline that can finally be sealed, easing the immigration system, while creating several vibrant new economic zones, a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas, New Fla., etc. along with millions of jobs for all 414 million Americans, who can finally work on the same team as well as map sans racism. Learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution that shows how it might be done at

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