One thought on “Obama to send 1,200 troops to Mexico border McCain wants 6,000 National Guardsmen, says extra $500 million for law enforcement isn’t enough”

  1. My reply:

    Do the Math

    1,200 troops along a 1,961 mile border – that’s about 1/2 troop per mile. Divide that by 3 for 3 shifts a day. Instead of continuing the fantasy that the unsealable U.S.-Mexican border can be sealed, it’s time to seek another solution, namely, to make the border expand to the Mexican coasts where sealing is finally possible. How? By a bipartisan Congressional effort to work directly with Mexico’s people to dissolve their totally corrupt govt. in exchange for statehood and full phased-in citizenship. Learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution that shows how it might be done at

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