One thought on “Invading the U.S.A.”

  1. My reply:

    It is sad to call Mexican-border crossers “invaders”. Sorry, Mexicans aren’t Huns. They’re crossing because their totally corrupt govt. gives them no choice, either suffer under the boot heel of the rich, go criminal, or cross looking for honest work. It’s even sadder to believe that the 2K-mi. U.S.-Mexico border can ever be sealed. Look at the Berlin Wall, didn’t work did it, and this one would have to be as long as the Great Wall of China. Even if it did work, Mexico would systematically slide downhill until a Mexican Castro took it over and invited our worst enemies to move in and set up shop, then started sending guerrilla armies to punch holes in the wall, and this time they would be Huns, intent on raping and pillaging and destroying us – we deserve it.

    Rather than let history repeat itself like what happened in the Old World, we in the New World need to learn the lessons and prevent it by learning to share it in peace and prosperity. The real problem is the totally corrupt Mexican govt. It must go, it really must go. We could conquer it militarily, but there’s no point unless we have the support of the majority of the Mexican people, which we can gain by offering them phased-in citizenship and statehood. Find out how it can be done with the bipartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

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