One thought on “Mexico City, Washington Gang up on Phoenix by Debra J. Saunders”

  1. My reply:

    slapped in the face, not ours. The racist corrupt Mexican govt. has long been run by elitist fatcats and criminal cartels, and keeps the rich on the backs of the poor, crushing them until they either go criminal or cross the border for honest work. It has become so dependent on the U.S. in an unhealthy way that the latter has the right to go over the govt.’s head and work with the Mexican people to dissolve it in return for statehood and full phased-in citizenship, allowing a New Calif., New Arizona, New Texas, New Fla. etc. to be organized to create new jobs for all 414 million Americans with the corrupt Mexican govt. out of the way forever. Obama should lead a bipartisan Congress in doing it now rather than keep working with the Mexican govt. and handing them billions that will only line officials’ pockets. Learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

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