One thought on “On immigration, Obama is bound by race and politics His image depends on a racial identity even while downplaying”

  1. My reply:

    not Obama’s race. For decades the Mexican govt. has been totally corrupt and run by elitist fatcats like world’s richest man Carlos Slim or criminal cartels, riding the rich on the backs of the poor and crushing them until they either go criminal or cross the border looking for honest work, while buying off the U.S. establishment to avoid exposure. When Calderon was invited to speak to Congress and virtually spit in their faces, it was just too much. Instead, Obama should be leading a bipartisan Congress in working with the Mexican people to fire Calderon along with his whole govt., dissolving it forever in return for statehood and full phased-in citizenship, after which a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas, New Fla. can be created along with millions of new jobs for all 414 million Americans, who can finally work on the same team and map, as Americans, under a 60-star U.S. flag without the corrupt Mexican govt. in their way. The race or politics of the president of the U.S. doesn’t matter with such a historic opportunity, although if Obama wants to be a new Lincoln here’s his big chance. After all, Mexico is a virtual dead zone for blacks now. Learn about my Megamerge Dissolution Solution, a systematic plan for getting it down at

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