One thought on “Mexico’s Calderon Knows Nothing About America’s Gun Laws By John Lott – Felipe Calderon’s understanding of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban is no more accurate than it is about Arizona’s new immigration law.”

  1. My reply:

    Calderon has no point, since he is the head of Mexico’s totally corrupt fatcat and cartel controlled govt. What’s sad is the way that Obama and Congress continue to treat it as legitimate, inviting its leader to spit in their faces while begging for more money to line his officials’ pockets. If he were a real leader Obama would be leading a bipartisan Congress in inviting the Mexican people to fire Calderon and his whole govt. in favor of a phased-in plan for U.S. statehood, ending the unsealable 2K-mi. border that bleeds the U.S. white, while eliminating the source of the infection on the other side. The Mexican fatcats and cartels can move elsewhere if they can’t hack the new reality. Google Megamerge Dissolution Solution to study my bipartisan plan that can do it in just years.

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