One thought on “IMMIGRATION IS U.S.”

  1. My reply:

    While immigration of economically valuable people is usually good for a country, they must be assimilable into society without undermining its basic principles. Too bad, with Islam from day one it’s been all about total supremacy, of Muslims over non-Muslims, and men over women, with a mindset that an omnipotent God has spoken only to their Prophet, who now rules from the grave via an infallible book, and all non-believers are not only wrong but enemies of their God, hence mere insults to Islam are treated with death. Therefore, permitting mass Muslim immigration is like rolling a Trojan Horse into the walls. In this shrinking world, this insane intolerant supremacist ideology must go, it really must go, and all Westerners need to unite to oppose it in all shapes and forms, and stop mass Muslim immigration.

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