One thought on “Immigration and Big Government”

  1. My reply:

    Right on. The 2K-mi. U.S.-Mexico border will always be unsealable, and as long as what’s on the other side thrives, the totally corrupt fatcat and cartel controlled Mexican govt. whose leader spits in Congress’ face, the border will bleed the U.S. white. Instead of trying to prop up the 160-year de facto apartheid of brown-skinned Mexicans set up back in its slave-owning white supremacist era, the U.S. needs to accept their existence and work to share the New World in peace and prosperity by dissolving the political line on the map. How? The president needs to lead a bipartisan Congress in inviting Mexico’s people to fire Calderon and his whole govt. in favor of full phased-in U.S. citizenship and the organization of several new U.S. states, allowing all 414 million Americans to to work on the same team as well as map with that govt. out of the way forever. Imagine a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas and New Fla. Learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution that shows how it can be done now at

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