One thought on “TRUMP WANTS TO BRING AMERICA BACK — To Before There Was an America #Islam”

  1. My reply:

    The Founding Fathers were ignoramuses about Islam, and were constantly surprised by its intolerance and supremacy, but no, they never banned Islam outright, because they enjoyed living on a world island far from the horrors of the Muslim World, which was run by the horrible Ottoman Empire, whose caliph declared jihad on the West yearly, making all immigrants unacceptable as enemy combatants; in other words, they conveniently ducked the issue, even though they could never have founded the U.S. in a region filled with Muslims.

    Sorry, but the Constitution is on Trump’s side. He said that as president he will have the power to bar entry of alien Muslims temporarily on an emergency basis for purposes of national security. This has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, etc. It’s only about national security. To make the ban permanent takes an act of Congress, like he already said, but again, the Constitution gives them the absolute power to bar entry of any foreign national for national security reasons irrespective of their religion, race, etc., and the courts don’t even have the power to question their moves. Look up HARISIADES v. SHAUGHNESSY & MASCITTI (1952).

    Once inside our borders, even illegal aliens have some protection of their rights, witness the Mexican border-crossers; it’s a different issue, sorry.

    Even then, the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act already prohibits immigration of any person who is a member of an organization devoted to the violent overthrow of our Constitution, and that’s just what the Muslim Umma (global Muslim brotherhood) is. So it’s really just a matter of a president determined to enforce a law already on the books. Pres. Obama prefers lying to us by claiming that avowed jihadists aren’t “real” Muslims, and that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, while at the same time any non-Muslims offending Muslims in any way might play into their hands by boosting jihadist recruitment from the population of, er, Muslims; what a two-faced liar.

    As to Islam being entitled to the same rights as other religions, since it’s the only religion with jihad and sharia, and its god Allah declares all infidels to be cursed and doomed to Hell and orders all believers to hate infidels and be intolerant to them, the Supreme Court should just issue a ruling that it loses all the protections accorded to other religions, but so far they are whimps and won’t do it, preferring to wait until a Muslim goes into action, then criminalize the actions without mentioning the core beliefs. That’s why I’m proposing the Winslow Amendment to the Constitution to give Congress the power to pass laws restricting the exercise of Islam, and only Islam; even then it’s up to them what laws to pass, but at least they will have the power when needed without interference from the courts. Still, the U.S. will survive only as long as it keeps the number of Muslims inside its borders insignificant, and if it fails, the U.S. too shall pass.

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