One thought on “Trump the Traitor”

  1. My reply:

    ow[[Worse, Trump then suborned cyberespionage by a foreign power against his opponent: “Russia, if you’re listening,” he told a press conference, “I hope you’re able to find 30,000 emails that are missing.”]] Duh, Hillary’s server has been shut down a long time and it was she who deleted the emails, which is a federal crime if they contain govt. business. All Trump was saying is that if somebody hacked the server way back then, he hopes that Russia will find them. That’s not “suborning cyberespionage by a foreign power against his opponent”, it’s a call to Russia to help US law enforcement catch a criminal. As to his un-PC pronouncements, good for him. All that PC stuff is Marxist in origin and all he does is say what his supporters are thinking but are afraid to because of the PC police, proving he’s his own man and not owned by the establishment. Criticizing one woman as a pig isn’t criticizing the class of women, any more than criticizing some beauty contestants. He’s treating women as individuals, which Marxists can’t stand, because they want to make everyone class conscious to stir up class war. With Trump it’s not working, is it? 🙂 GO TRUMP.

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