One thought on “Trump Hits New Low In Attacking Parents of Slain Muslim US Soldier. Roger Algase”

  1. My reply:

    The son is one thing, his father is another. A Muslim Brotherhood front who believes in Sharia and studied it in Saudi Arabia, his goal is the same as theirs, namely, infiltration and takeover of the U.S. govt. and the setting up of an Islamic republic where the Constitution is abolished. So when he asks Trump if he read the Constitution, he should ask that of himself, since the Quran is its archenemy and that’s probably all he really wants Trump or any of us to read. The rest of this staged event is moose hockey. The real question is: Why is Hillary and her party so chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood, and want to open the doors of the U.S. to it? Why are you?…on-sharia-law/…united-states/

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