One thought on “Ron Aledo about Trump´s Victory”

  1. Trump’s genius was to sucker the Democrats into wasting their money on endless ads attempting to shame him for not being PC, or nebulously fearmonger him, with far fewer extolling the virtues and programs of Hillary. Since the public has never accepted PC being foisted on them, this simplified the election in Trump’s favor, overshadowing specific policies and programs. All along Trump made the media pay for his ads in the form of speeches full of schoolyard name-calling. In essence, he suckered the Democrats into pouring their greater money into a rathole, simplifying the election to one issue and allowing him to use far less money to extol his virtues to counter their b.s. and steal the election without really having to have his policies examined. Net result: PC No, Trump Yes, but Why We Don’t Know 🙂 Hillary sealed her fate at her nomination speech by dressing in white like a cadaver, telling the world that her campaign is dead 🙂

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