2 thoughts on “Sorry: Trump’s immigration order is totally legal”

  1. My reply:

    TL Winslow
    Since the leftist Marxist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Seattle federal court of Rube Robart explicity overrode their Commander in Chief’s orders to his troops to protect the border from threats to national security in order to let them flood in while forcing Trump to go through their courts, they are borderline guilty of TREASON for giving aid and comfort to enemies of the U.S. All it should take is one of these invaders to harm anybody on U.S. soil and Pres. Trump should send in his troops to arrest the traitors in black robes and give them a drumhead court-martial and execute them.

    In the meantime Trump should just issue more executive orders and get back to protecting our borders and dare the traitor courts to issue worthless injunctions against them too. They can only stop one at a time 🙂 In the meantime, who has an army, the president or some traitor judges on the West Coast? 🙂


  2. My additional reply:

    Actually, Pres. Trump should go for it and issue a new order banning ALL Muslims from entering the border, then go to the Supreme Court and win a final victory. Even then, the president can only issue temporary bans, so he must then convince Trump to make it permanent?

    What b.s. are the Islamonymphomaniac Marxists using to stop this? The Establishment Clause? The Constitution starts WE THE PEOPLE, to form a MORE PERFECT UNION, meaning the people already here, who are 99% non-Muslim. Congress may not establish a religion inside America, or prohibit the people from the free exercise of their religion, as long as they don’t try to subvert the govt. Congress has the basic power to provide for our national defense, which includes closing the borders to any class of people they deem a threat to national security, especially a religion that preaches overthrow of our Constitution and the making of Islam the national religion.

    Even with a Supreme Court ruling that a total permanent ban on Muslim entry is Constitutional, there will always be the problem of the ones already let in. That’s why we need the Winslow Amendment, allowing Islam to be called out as not protected by the First Amendment at all.


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