One thought on “Is climate change the newest contradiction of capitalism? It should have been obvious with the National Climate Assessment; it wasn’t.”

  1. My reply:

    What contradiction in capitalism? Sorry, but resources aren’t limited, just check out some of the photos from the Hubble Telescope. On the contrary, Marxism is based on the contradiction that if the workers take over the factories from the capitalists, the factories are no longer capitalist. Usually the workers end up expecting a paycheck for doing a minimal job, causing the whole economy to tank and everybody to suffer, check out the history of the Soviet Union and Venezuela.

    What climate change? The only one I’ve seen is one manufactured by global Marxists to justify destroying capitalism. CO2 is not a pollutant like CO and soot, what a con game. Right now the Marxists are making their big move by pointing to recent bad weather as the basis for future doomsday predictions about climate decades out so they can shut down capitalism now. They can’t lose if they can pull this off, because if the climate doesn’t really go into runaway they can take credit for it, and if it wouldn’t have done it anyway, who can prove it? Only I have spent the effort to scope the entire history of Earth’s climate and climate science, including the political shenanigans, and am offering the research free to all who really want to have knowledge and not just agitprop. I have nothing to hide and include all sides. It’s all free on my Historyscoper’s Climatescope, Google it, start studying it and get serious in 2019.

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