One thought on “What historical event is not often taught in the United States?”

  1. There is a huge failure in the U.S. to teach the unvarnished history of Islam and its Thousand Year Great Jihad. This vacuum has allowed Muslim propagandists to lie their heads off to Westerners and get away with it. Look at Pres. Obama, who is one of their biggest victims and useful idiots. If there were widespread knowledge of the terror caused by the Islamic movement and its bloody spread that transformed a good chunk of the world into the Muslim World, the entire U.S. foreign policy would be 180 degrees opposite of what it is now, and the mere mention of banning Muslim immigration to the U.S. wouldn’t elicit such howls.

    Here’s just a small sample of Wiki articles showing what’s not being taught:

    Battle of Tours – Wikipedia (
    Fall of Constantinople – Wikipedia (
    Battle of Vienna – Wikipedia (

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