One thought on “What are good website about history?”

  1. This is a vague question. Do you want some narrow history, broad history, or encyclopedic history?
    If you want a 1-stop shopping history site that literally covers all of world history in detail chronologically, other than Wikipedia, with is produced by scads of faceless authors with different styles and often contradicting each other, there’s my Historyscoper site, written by a single author (moi), which goes far beyond Wikipedia with extensive original research, linking to hundreds of thousands of hyperlinks from all over the Web, and not censoring “un-PC” history but giving it all unvarnished and letting the reader decide what to believe.
    Currently Wikipedia dominates the traffic, but really serious students would do better to go to say, my article on Jazz then to Wikipedia’s rather than vice-versa. My articles are deeper and more comprehensive, and actually invert Wikipedia or turn it inside out, showing universal comprehension of history not just a narrow view, and are not just encyclopedia articles but complete self-contained online courses, some of which may be studied for years without exhausting them.
    Warning: It’s so intensive that few can handle it without their brains feeling like they’re exploding. But there’s no better place for dedicated serious students of world history who want to learn the most in the least time.
    Good news. It can also be used as a Dictionary of Time, picking some year and date and looking up what happened, e.g., July 4, 1776 or Nov. 11, 1918. It usually contains enough information to get a good take on what happened with more information and awareness of context than the usual “This Date in History” sites, and there’s always one or more hyperlinks to check the facts and go deeper.

    Rabbit Hole for The Historyscoper ™ Online World History School. Teaching world history for keeps. ™ (

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