One thought on “Which countries are benefiting from global warming?”

  1. My reply:

    CO2-driven global warming is a hoax, but since money is the goal, the world’s non-white countries are the intended beneficiary if the globalist Marxists centered in the U.N. IPCC can talk rich white countries via lying climate alarmist stories into handing over their hard-earned wealth for redistribution under the guise of atoning for CO2 emissions, when really they know it will be used for the Marxist purpose of global racial justice, starting with destroying the sovereignty of the too-white U.S. and merging it into a One World Govt. (OWG) after most of the world’s population is exterminated, yuk yuk.

    UN calls for international tax to raise $400 billion to finance development needs (
    Report: U.S. Owes the World $1 Trillion for Carbon Emissions (
    Ned Ryun: Green New Deal Is “Coercive Socialism,” In Other Words, Communism ( (
    The Mechanics of Climate Alarm (
    TLW’s Climate Alarmistscope™, by T.L. Winslow (TLW), “The Historyscoper”™ (

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