One thought on “China flexes muscle and unveils mystery nuclear sub fleet”

  1. My reply:

    Despite some bad blood in the past, the people of the U.S. and China aren’t natural enemies. We both want a peaceful world where our trade can prosper. It was the boogeyman of Communism that got us off on the wrong foot, but they’ve backed off from it quite a bit, and we have mellowed quite a bit too, so maybe now it’s time to think of working with them to enforce world peace by giving them full freedom of the seas, in exchange for them helping us end all the nuclear zanies out there, starting with North Korea, then Iran, and Pakistan. This New World Order could work. Either way the madass Islamists must go, they really must go, as must the so-called Muslim World, which must be replaced by democratic countries who have chucked Muhammad’s jihad forever and look to the Jewish State of Israel for guidance in progressing out of the medieval ages. Anytime the White House wants to hire me to play Kissinger and negotiate a deal, they can email me 🙂

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